witty text to send to say i want to talk?

so i used to talk to this guy a lot and it kind of stopped cause we both got busy and he always ended the convo by just not replying to the latest text from me.

BUT ANYWAY he texted me the other day saying that we never text anymore, so i replied with "that's because you always stop replying" and the convo went on for a while until i stopped replying... oops

Anyway, he texted me this morning at around 9am saying morning, and i replied around 1pm saying good afternoon (because i forgot to check my phone in the morning). He didn't reply, and instead tweeted "we dont talk anymore because you take too long to reply".

SOO MY QUESTION IS, what is something witty i can text to him so that he knows i want to talk and i'm not just blowing him off like i did the other night?


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  • He sounds impatient. I always love when a girl texts me back quickly because it means she is really into and wants to get to know me more. People get busy in life, it happens. But he has to know you are not glued to your phone and sometimes need to put it down because you need two hands to do something. You didn't do anything wrong he just sounds like he wants you to just respond to him instantly and life is not always instant gratification. He has to express some patients and if he is really into you then he will not worry so much or act like a jerk.


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  • You didn't blow him off. It's normal to not be around your phone all the time and to take some time to reply to a text.

    But instead of texting why don't you ask him to a movie or coffee or something so you guys can talk face to face instead?