What should I do? Date to wedding?

Okay so I don't know how to make this a short story. But there's this girl I've known of? Since 6th grade. First girl I ever had a crush on and even in 9th grade I still had a huge crush on her.. She always smiled and waved at me and stuff but being a guy i never saw the signs. -.- anyways it's been almost 6 years since I've seen her and about a month ago we got in contact. Talked a little bit. I've always wanted to get to know her blah blah blah. And eventually be more. Well my brothers wedding is in August. I'm the best man. I really want her to be my date but I still barely know her and we don't get a lot of chances to talk at all. It's at the end of August. I was going to ask her at the beginning of the month (August). But I'd like to really know her first. I don't know what to do. I don't just want to randomly ask her. That's just weird. I told her I want to get to know her and hoped that wasn't being too straight forward. She said she knew that and she was sorry. Just super busy (she's a full time student and works) and trying to find herself after a bad two year relationship. Which I completely understand. I went through that two years ago. Ending up moving two states away just to do it. So I respect that and I don't want to seem pushy but I really want to get to know her and finally get a chance cause I always thought I wasn't cool enough for her back in school so I never talked to her.
I know the wedding is four months away. But it feels like we just started talking yesterday and it's been a month already. I do want her to be my date. But I also want more than that. I want her. Always have. First girl I was ever attracted to.

What should I do? Is it weird to have a date to a wedding?

If I have left out anything I should tell. Please ask.


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  • Well it's still a few months away. If y'all keep talking and everything about a month maybe a month an half before ask her if she'll go with you. That gives her sometime and you get sometime to get to know her too. Even if she's not ready for a relationship she might go anyways if she likes you.


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  • Tell her how you feel you only live once and life is short dobtvwaste anymore time


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