Taking things slow...but I'm just scared of the unexpected?

So I've realized as me and my ex are taking this dating thing slow I feel a little scared. We aren't official. So I can understand her wanting to party with her friends, cuz I do that sometimes.

I just done her going to parties and giving some guy the light of day. I'm only saying this in general of dating and cuz I called her and it sounded like a party. Like I think guys would be cool with their girls going to parties if their girls weren't going to embarrass them in those parties.

Like be all up on some guy or flirting heavy with a lot of guys even thou they talking to a guy already. I've seen this happen and it'd be fucked up. I'm probably sinking my boat with all this much unneeded focus, but I want to trust her. She said she wants to work on that trust before we become official and to me that's hard with all this unknown.

I'm probably going to have to tell her, but im a tad mad about this sitch. Is this normal, what should I even do? I probably know the answer, but a second opinion never hurts.


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  • It's funny because I'm going trough something similar myself.
    Me and this girl had been together for months and then she broke it off with me but then came back and now we're trying to take it slow and it's really hard. She said that I was too controlling and possessive and she felt like she couldn't breath and needed space. Well we're somehow getting closer again and I'm trying to refrain myself from doing the exact same thing you're talking about. If she doesn't call me I want to call her and then if we're not together I keep wondering what she's doing and why is she not trying to be with me. But I know the answer lays with her because she's got some family problems and doesn't want us to end up the same way. I know she loves me and she'll contact me when she's ready and wants my company until then I have to keep strong and just remember that she loves me and is returning when she sorts stuff out in her head. Maybe a day maybe three but she'll call me. And it's good for her to be with her friends it will help her think and sort everything out.
    My advice I know it's tough and you keep thinking what if she finds a guy that she likes more than you and what if you lose her again and stuff like that and yes that is always a possibility. But remember she's back after you to guys broke up that means she has feelings for you or she loves you or whatever you want to call it so remember if she finds somebody interesting it's still not you. Just try to think of yourself you may find another girl attractive or interesting but you don't have feelings for her like you have for this girl.
    I wish you all the best and lots of luck getting back together and remember love will find a way... :)


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  • Who broke up with whom? I'm assuming she initiated the break up?

    • I broke up with her. Not technically out of hate nor the fault being with me, but simply I didn't how the relationship was going.

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    • Lol I broke up with her because she was choosing another guy over me. She had previously slept with this guy and tell me they were bf even tho they knew each other for 7m. I been with her for a year and a half. Well to really understand read my old questions.

      We broke up and she contacted me telling me she's sorry and wants to start over on our relationship. My trust in her wasn't high on becoming legit, but I do love her so I agreed. Now she does this and I don't know

    • I dont know either. Next time, please include all necessary info in the question, it would be very helpful. Good luck.

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  • I'll tell you what wear a nice t-shirt and a pant. Get out there and show the chick your sexy moves. Girls dig moves.