GUYS: Would this be an awkward experience for you?

So im going to go ice skating with this guy next weekend (im so excited!!!) and i really like him and i think he likes me, based on how we were when we first met (at prom a couple weeks ago). like, we really hit it off! we were both guests at prom cuz i dont go to that school anymore and he already graduated.

so anyway, me and him are going on, i guess you could say, a "date"
however, my parents want to meet him because:
1. he's 20 and im only 16
2. we're hanging out alone
3. they're protective
4. they consider this my first date and they want to make sure he's a good guy (which he is but they need to see that haha)
PLUS they are making sure my uncle is here when he comes to pick me up..even more awkward haha

since its only the second time me and him have hung out, and only the first time we've hung out alone, would you (the guy) feel awkward about meeting my parents? like would that give you an impression that just hanging out has turned into something more?

and this isn't relevant to the main question but would you see us going ice skating as a date more than just hanging out? he's the one that asked to go ice skating.. i was going to but he beat me to it haha.

-would you feel awkward meeting my parents before we just hung out?
-would him meeting my parents make this "get together" seem like a really big deal?
-would you see us going ice skating as more of a date?


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  • It's totally understandable to meet the parents given the age difference. I'd be nervous, but it'd be fine. I think once we left the parents, the get together would feel a lot more normal. And I'd definitely consider what you're doing a date.

    • Thanks for most helpful. Now what are you wearing for the date?

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    • Good luck.

    • thanks :)

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  • You are young so it is perfectly normal for the parents to want to meet. So regardless he needs to deal with it. But no, I do not see why he would feel awkward. probably a little nervous but not awkward.
    no, it would not make it seem like a big deal. if he wants to see you it should not be an issue.
    if it is just the two of you then it is a date, regardless of what your doing. If you are with other people it is more of hanging out. unless it is specifically a double date.


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