We texted non stop and really hit it off and now she doesn't text back, now what?

I started talking to this super amazing woman several days ago. We both have a ton in common and would text quite a bit throught out the day. When she would respond I just took it easy and in a few hours she would always sltext me back. I love hearing from her, she makes me smile a lot and she says I make her happy and smile too. She went on a trip this past weekend. She said she would text and send me pics so I wouldn't miss her. Well the trip didn't start off that great for her so she spent the night texting me venting and I made her feel better, her words. The next morning we texted a little bit and she was still unhappy about the trip. I sent her a pic of me and she responded "awww I like it :) " and then I never heard from her again. I sent three more texts spaced out over the day. No response. Texted her good morning the next day and hope the trip was better and never heard back. Now I stopped texting. I know she gets back sometime today but should I take text her on Monday? We did make plans to meet up later this week and I am excited to see her. We both have dated some crappy people in the past and she keeps telling me how great and awesome I am and she is flattered all the time. I feel like she is into me but not hearing back from her makes me worry. I dont show it since I knew she was busy this past weekend but how long do I wait for her to get back to me? Should I text about making plans this week? Do I just text hi? I dont want to send a lot of texts and look needy but I dont want to remain in the dark. Great women like this don't often cross my path and I never smiled so much from someone like this. So how do I handle this?

We started talking more after she texted me Sunday evening. Tried to confirm plans to meet but she says her friend is coming into town so she is not sure. I stopped pushing to meet and just went back to casual conversations and making her laugh. Hopi


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  • It might be because she is still on vacation, sometimes people dont communicate at all while they are on vacation. You have sent her about 3 texts, hopefully she got them. I would wait a few days until she got back from vacation, then text her a friendly "Hello," you could say something in closing like you are looking forward to meeting her this weekend. If she doesn't respond back to that then I would move on, the ball definitely in her court from that point on.

    • That is what I am guessing. Maybe she planned to text me more but this is a working vacation for her. She is pit crew for a bicycle trip so maybe she is busier than realized or the trip is going better than it started. I didn't want to bombard her with texts when she gets back so I figure I would do what you said but in the evening after work so she can just transition back to work mode after being away. If she doesn't write back anymore then Que sera sera

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    • Yea I am leaning toward that. I know moving is hard and stressful but even when she is busy she used to text saying so or just smile faces when she read my texts. When she told me how much she missed me last weekend but had to find the time to see me I knew then something wasn't right. I didn't say anything because I wanted to see her but I am getting the feeling that even though she likes me and says she does want to build something with me, she should not have to make time to see me. She should want to see me and not make it an inconvenience to find the time for me. I get she is hesitant and wants to go slow but still when you first start seeing someone you like you want to spend time with them not less time and little talking. I was in a car accident last night and texted her this morning about it. No word from her. Im ok just shaken up and surprised she didn't ask if I was even ok. I never believed the saying but maybe its true the good guys finish last.

    • wow Im so sorry, I dont know why some people are like that. I have a friend who his gf of 4 months just up and moved out on him, he came home and she was gone, and she constantly told him how much she missed him as well. Sometimes I think its so they can keep you interested, maybe as a back up option, or interested but not interested enough. She should have sent something at least to say sorry about your accident. Let me tell you. My bf is a good guy. Im a good girl. I dont believe in that saying at all because of this. The problem is you are attracting or are attracted to the wrong kind of girl. You need a girl as nice as you are and is as mature and her values are like yours. Then you'll have your perfect match. :)

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