Girls do you think that I could ever get a girlfriend like this?

One that cooks for me and cleans for me and does whatever i tell her to. She will have sex with me whenever I want. Like all I have to do is snap a finger and she will get naked. I don't think I am sexist for staying this since I support women's rights and them getting equal pay and equal job opportunities and seeing combat


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  • Lol, you're talking about a bangmaid, and that is indeed very sexist.

    You don't support women as equals if you want one to be your servant, right? I mean, maybe you do in society, but when it comes to you personally you want to be elevated above them. Thats not ok.

    They only way that would not be sexist is if you did whatever she told you as well, if she could snap her fingers and you would drop what you're doing to give her a foot massage or something. But for some reason I don't think that's what you have in mind.

    So where can you find these girls? Probably at a bar! Find a girl acting crazy who cries for no reason, who might have major mental issues due to growing up in an either abusive or neglective family. Then capitalize on that instead of helping her, become her father figure, and exploit her fragile state of mind.

    Enjoy your bangmaid and keep telling everyone what a great guy you are, politically.


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  • So you want one who doesn't have her own mind? I'm sure there are some out there, but I do think it's extremely sexist and even more so selfish


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  • Yes you can, but it really works both ways. Took me a long time to find one like that, but that means you have to when she wants to too. In my eyes, that's a real fair deal.

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