Guys I'm pretty sure he's hiding his feelings will this make him realise & come to his senses what he wants?

So me & my guy friend had the talk yesterday after 9 months of talking/flirting/having fun. He didn't say how he felt but he pretty much made it clear nothing was happening.

I said to him 'I won't talk to you, you won't talk to me. Simples.' As he was beging to get in an argument with me as he felt like I was making him feel like he's done something wrong. Anyways he ended up saying 'I was making things awkward & how he hardly sees me as it is.' I reassured him in person I'll be fine with him but I don't think we should text unless we had to.'

He said he respected that but how it's kinda shit as he did enjoy having banter with me. He then 10 mins after finishing talking tweeted 'why do I make such bad decisions? I thought we got wiser with age? #missedchance' he also retweeted (name of the fear for change).

The tweet was obviously directed at me as well as the retweet, he scared of change & getting into a relationship? So my question is if by not talking to him anymore will he realise how much he misses me & start to realise what he wants?


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  • Maybe , try to ignore him for a short time so he can miss u but Becarefull some guys will ignore u back thinking that u don't like thim , just tweet ( life is short one day I'm alive next day I'm not , so if I want to hear it I would rather hear it from u , say it befor it's too late ) something like that