Would you ever get with someone/be nice to someone out of sympathy?

I have a guy friend who I really like a lot, he's aware of this and we have made out in the past. He's told me he's not ready for a relationship because he's been badly hurt in the past. We're still very good friends to this day and we flirt with each other. But one of my friends thinks he is only being nice to me out of sympathy, and he's only made out with me to try and make me feel better. Is it possible for guys to behave this way? Is my friend right, that he doesn't have feelings for me and is just trying to be nice so I don't get hurt?


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  • I'm not a guy but I can tell you that the "I've been hurt in the past" line is most of the time just a excuse. It's often used to hide the fact that this person is trying to tell you that they like you but they are not in love with you and don't want anything serious. I'm positive that if someone is truly in love with another person and likes them they won't be looking for reasons NOT to be with them and definitely won't be looking at their past to prevent them from moving forward with another person they feel passionately about.

    It is possible in my opinion that a guy can be nice out of sympathy. I mean, girls do this too. But there's also a possibility that he enjoys the fun you two have and liks you as a friend and flirt buddy but not as anything more than that. So that's not him being nice out of sympathy. But rather just him enjoying the friendship you two share.

    My advice is to stop being physical with him because each time you kiss it will be like salt added to your wounds. You'll never progress if you keep lingering onto him. I'm not saying don't be friends with him but perhaps it's time to show him that you're not going to be his friend with benefits and you're also not there to a flirt buddy whenever he feels like it and it suits him.


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  • Some people do , i have and those never end well just ask him to honest with you and make it clear that it would hurt you a lot more if you found out he lied and never liked you than if he was just honest and admitted to never liking you.