Ladies: Dating older men? What's too old?

I'm 32 years old and never find women my age often. They are either late 30s or early 20s. For the last two years I've dated women from 27 to 33 but none of them go anywhere. Recently, I've become friends with a woman who's 24. We met at a neighborhood party and we started talking and didn't stop talking until people were leaving.

Now, I don't know if I should even think about asking her out because she is a lot younger than me...she's in graduate school and still living with her parents to save money. I have a full time career and have my own house.

She's very attractive, I was shocked to hear she was single. But, is this age gap too much for her to be interested in dating?


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  • Some people are cool with dating people much older than themselves. Others are not. It sounds like you two had a pretty good connection: I would say most girls would be willing to give it a try with someone older than them if they really felt something.

    I can only see age being an issue if either she has some problem with dating someone older than her (due to past experiences or just her own standards*), or later in the relationship when differing maturity levels starts to become a source of contention.

    Eight years is a lot, but as you get older it matters less. As a 16 year old, a 19 year old is impossibly old. Wheras when a couple are something like 87 and 75, nobody really blinks an eye.

    So, I say go for it. Can't hurt, anyway. You never know if you never go. :) And besides, it's usually not accurate to assume that 'so-and-so would never be interested because of...'. Everyone's different. Who knows what she would or wouldn't be interested in?

    (*By standards I just mean she may have ruled out dating anyone more than x number of years older than her - some people make up rules about dating, no matter how silly they may be.)


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  • I am 31 and have dated under and above my age. I wld actually date up to age 50, if the guy was right for me, Age is relative to some1's maturity level and it can not be equated in terms of a numerical value. Maturity comes from life experiences, so I do find that unless some1 has had a hard life, I tend to find that my interests are subject to some1 of my age or older.

  • in relationships there is no such thing as too old if you really enjoy being with that person. If she was still talking to you and seemed interested then why not go for it?


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