Why are guys mean after breaking up?

Why is it after people stop talking are they mean to each other. Why is considered stalking if all I'm doing is sending you a text message asking to end things in a better way. No need to be immature and call names. If I'm not stalking all your on line acts going to your house calling you 10 times a day sending you repeated text messages how is that stalking you. Sending one or two text messages a week saying hey lets be adults about this obviously are feelings were hurt is that really considered crazy just by trying to be the bigger person?

I need some good advice here
Ok maybe I shouldn't have said break up... I met this guy on vacation last year in March , we been talking on and off since then I really liked him and he said he felt the same.. About a month ago I went to go see him and he wanted to fool around


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  • It is a natural tendency. You cannot expect people to be good with you after having bad phase with them. Isn't it?

    • He was the one who was upset with me because I didn't give him what he wanted right away. I just wanted to spend some time with him first. I know he liked me I could tell but I think he felt like I rejected him. I never had anyone be this mad at me. Now he calls me a bi*** I just feel like if you hate me so much why even respond to my text message. I tried to explain myself and he was just being hurtful. I asked why he hated me so much and he wouldn't answer I don't get what I did wrong. I'm not a mean person but he makes me feel like I did something so awful to him.

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    • What's even more messed up is he's 36! What I don't get is that he's very good looking so it's not like he can't find someone else to give it to him. He was just a jerk. Oh well

    • Yeah of coarse a jerk. Time will only tell you the reality. If he really likes you, he will keep apologising to you likd anything. Other wise, follow my advice on moving on.

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  • Girls like to mend and heal a broken relationship after a breakup. Its natural to act this way.

    Guys on the other hand, don't exercise their demons. Some of us have a "oh fuc*ing well" attitude when it comes to breakups. Every breakup I've experienced, I've always packed up my stuff and left without saying anything. Why do we get mad? Its because we are trying to move on.

  • of course she falls for the jerk. they all do. and women call me sexist

  • Because "Breaking up" means

    " Your not good enough for me now take a hike, I have a line of other men to try out. But please go back struggling to find someone while I deal with the opposite Too much sex!"

    A relationship isn't a team sport or a chatroom you freely enter and exit. A Real relationship is like having a new family member. getting kicked out and betrayed isn't something you do. If you just wanted to have a "good time" and be "entertained" you should just go on DATES. A relationship is pretty much saying you want to take the first steps before you spend your life with him.

    Being friends isn't being "the bigger person". Being "friends" is " I value you for entertainment and support, but I rather have another dick in me.". No person wants to sit around and listen to you talk about the new guy, it shouldn't be his job to coach other Dicks inside of you. Time spent on you could be used meeting someone else, Something that is HARD for men compared to women.

    " Why can't guys commit" because after getting attached soo many times dudes stop wanting to go that far. No point in getting invested so that the chick can get up and leave. Aka they start treating relationships like Women.

    "Duty" and "honor" are two words women will never comprehend like men. A man will work for 50 years doing a job he hates to support his wife and family who don't respect him. because it's his "job". A Woman will get up and leave the moment the relationship makes her "Unhappy". So tell me would you enjoy getting your self emotionally prepared to have to Take a Bullet, Fight and be killed for someone and then have to just drop it because they want a new person? men can only wipe their emotional triggers soo many times before they stop caring and become "assholes".

    • I will also add that men do NOT get to enjoy being in "pain" like women do. Women can cry, play victim and people will come from all over to save them.

      Look at how many men jump in as soon as a woman is "sad" after a breakup. And look at how many have sex with those people to "feel better". How many men will get seduced by a woman if he is in tears? How many chicks stay there on a date with a dude who is hurt? Very very VERY little compared to women.

      A man has to forget, throw away or he will remain alone. Sadly a man who is single is LESS attractive than a man who has a gf. So a Man bumped out about being dumped who is single has a Much harder time getting girls than a woman who is the same thing.

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    • " Im not that type of girl". yeah every man has had one of those.

      Sadly 99.888889% of them ARE that type of girl with a guy whos dick she wants. if your "not that kind of girl" that means you didn't like him to begin with.

    • Iv only been with one man my whole life and we were together for 6 years I thought we were going to get mArried. I'm sorry you seem kinda of bitter towards women? So when I say I'm not that type of girl I'm really not. Anyway thanks for ur advice

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  • You're generalizing. And when it comes to feelings, you don't think, the emotions usually take over and maturity has nothing to do with it. Often, people don't know how to react and just call names because they think hating the person will help.

    • You realize Generalizing comes from "general", Aka the Normal Thing/ COMMON. Common means the most widely known. Aka More than 90%.

    • Do you really think that 90% of men are mean after break up?

    • I don't think so most of the guys iv dated we always were able to stay cool. That's why I don't understand what happened with this one. I know I can't expect everyone to be the same but if I did something wrong I feel like you need to tell me so I can fix it. I never have any intentions to hurt someone. What I don't understand if you hate me so much why are you even answering my text messages? Even if your being mean if your acting like you can't stand me don't most people just ignore someone?

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