I can't tell if he's taking me seriously?

I have known this guy through our mutual friends since a few years ago, but for the last two months, we started flirting with each other, have gone out a few times, we kiss, hold hands and act couply. When we are together, we generally have a really good time. However, sometimes I'll get signals that he's not not being genuine with me. We can only hang out on the weekends due to our schedules (not even every weekend); during the week, contact is very minimal and superficial. He bought me a small gift when he went on his business trip overseas, but then a few days later when we hung out with our mutual friends, he kept his distance from me, even though he'd told his friends about me and they kept trying to seat us near each other. After that incident, he's still made plans to see me next weekend... I can't tell if he is inconsistent and acting this way because we're still trying to figure this all out, or if he is intentionally keeping distance because he doesn't want more.

I understand that it's still early in this stage of whatever-it-is that we're doing, but I'd like to know if he's just treating me as someone to hang out with casually, or if he's serious about being more than just friends. I don't even know if I necessarily want to be in a full-on relationship with him, but I DO want to know whether this is going to be a casual arrangement or if it's going in the relationship direction, so that I know how much of myself/time to invest. Help please!


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  • Just ask him. It wouldn't be so difficult since you guys are very friendly with each other.