Should I back off or keep trying?

I met a guy about a year ago. We hung out a few times. But didn't start really hanging out until January. (He lives about an hour away) We hung out every weekend for about 5 weeks. We finally slept together. And now we've only seen each other every couple of weeks, and now we barely even talk. I've backed off a little because when we're not together he doesn't flirt via text or call but when were together things are great. I really like him but if he's not showing interest I feel like I should back off. Should I keep talking to him or leave it alone? Seems as though he's backed off too, maybe it's for the same reason?

Should I keep talking to him, make an effort, or just back off completely?


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  • I think if you like him you shouldn't back off. You say you guys are good when you're together so that's a good sign to be actually together.


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  • You "finally" slept together? But nothing is official? Sorry to say but he's lost interest because you gave it up too easily. Talking for a year or not, you aren't in a relationship and you kinda gave up the goods too easily then. He's checked out, there's nothing more for him in this. Unless I read something wrong and you're in a relationship. It back off and hope for the best.

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