Trying to figure out if he likes me or not? help guys, he's a shy one?

He works in my local bar part time. He's 24 and let's say his name is Ross.

He started working in my local bar like last summer. He was very quiet to start with but I'd always smile and say hi to him.

It wasn't until October last year when I dressed up as a leopard for Halloween that he told me I looked nice. I just brushed this off.

However as time went on, I noticed him looking at me a lot when I was in the bar and so did my friends. One night my friends and I were talking about our exs and when mine was mentioned he screwed up his face and looked angry.

Next time I visited the bar he was working and I noticed him smiling and looking in my direction a lot when I was sitting in the bar. I smiled back of course. I ended up getting a bit too drunk that night, so he walked me home safely and gave me his hoody to keep me warm.

What confused me was I got told he'd started seeing a girl. And I started noticing her around at the bar a bit more...she always stared at me too. Even when she was there though he kept sneaking glances at me.

So I came to the conclusion that he most likely is involved with the girl in some way. I decided not to visit the bar as often because I realised I liked him and felt I'd missed my chance.

Anyways I ran into him last night on my way home. He was with a group of others who were walking home too so we stopped and chatted. I hugged him and he squeezed me asking how I'd been. He said 'I haven't saw you in a while, where have you been?' so I made up a lame excuse.

I noticed when I was talking to the others in the group he kept his eyes on me and looked away then back at me when I caught him. One of the girls said to him 'isn't she (me) such a beautiful girl Ross? she's lovely' and Ross replied without hesitating 'she is, yes' and smiled at me.

With that, I hugged everyone goodbye and when I hugged him he said 'I'll see you soon' and smiled.

My problem is that I don't know if he likes me as a friend or more?


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  • Well I am a shy guy, the only answer I can give you is: You will never know until you ask him.

    Don't try to find an answer online, most people fool themselves thinking they can figure out someone from online info when no one knows about that guy except you. One thing you can do is talk to his friends, they can clear out your doubts. Anyway, there's nothing to lose, ask and if he rejects, move on. And that girl, if she is his girlfriend then at least you will know, if rejected, that he didn't say no cause he doesn't like you but because he is taken. AHA! Now isn't this a good answer? I hope.


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  • Most likely, he was shy, he was interested, he probably started dating someone and since he didn't get to be with you he just flirts with you. You should get your mind off him if he really is dating someone, because he'll probably not want anything to do with you and if he does.. then do you really wanna date someone who'll leave his gf for you? What makes you think he wouldn't do the same with you in a few months for someone else? If you don't know for sure that he's dating her then give him your number and see how he acts.

  • Give him your number the next time you see him.


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