Should I be worried and why is she doing this?

So I've been dating this girl online for the past 2 months.but we have been talking since mid February . However these last few days every time I message her she replies late or sometimes not at all. She says she loves me and shit. I know she sees the message and it kinda pisses me off. I find it somewhat disrespectful. We are in a relationship and I feel disrespected by that. If I was random ass guy I wouldn't care but it kinda hurts how she does that.

And I being irrational. Maybe she's busy but it's been happening a lot these last few days. Or am I being just. And if this keeps on happening especial the not replying part I'm considering ending this relationship. Am I being unfair unreasonable or irrational or am I being just

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  • online relationships are not real. you can't compete with suitors in real life. she's prob losing in interest


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  • Well, that is a short time period associating with her especially online. Online relationships/ LDR require lots of commitment such as sacrificing time to one another. So I see where your going. But I don't think you should jump to conclusions. Maybe she just needs space. Don't pressure her too much if she doesn't reply. But if she doesn't reply more than probably very close to a week then something's up. The last thing you need is her switching perspectives and making it seem like you don't pay attention to her and reply to her messages. Just a thought.

    • Yes it true is was a shirt peirod or time. However on Sunday I messaged her she didn't reply so I thought maybe she's busy. It came to Monday yesturday, so I messaged her then called her on Skype and it was declined, she said it wasn't her because she was out all day. However she had changed her profile picture on Skype around the time I messaged her. I'm little mad that I was ignored I'll be honest but what gets me mad more is that i think she's lying. If she were to tell me hey I don't want to talk today or right or even if she tells hey I was doing so and so I'll be fine ( if goes over a day were she doesn't reply, if like a few hours I don't need an explanation) and I'm not going to do that her ever, it be hypocritical of me to do it. Any time I was busy n see a message from her for a few hours I tell her hey sorry I was busy.

    • I'm not saying she has to answer right away, I understand she has a life and things to do. What i do ask is that she's honest with and she doesn't play this games, I won't be hurt or mad if she tells me hey I'm busy or hey I was busy I'd understand she doesn't have to lie about it

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