What would you be thinking if a guy contacted you out of the blue?

If you had a text from a guy completely out of the blue, just saying hey after weeks of no contact at all, what would you first think?


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  • After a couple of weeks, I'd just be happy to hear from him (depending on who it is and what happened between us).

    Longer than a couple of months, eh.
    I have a habit of thinking the worst, haha!
    I'll think something's up, I'll wonder what he wants, why I hadn't heard from him, wonder if he's okay, etc.
    I have a VERY hard time completely ignoring, so I don't think I'd be able to, haha! Not at first, anyway.

    • Well this girl i text her after no contact completely out of the blue, asking if she ok and had a nice weekend. I do like this girl and wanted to ask her out. She text back asking how I was and told me what she'd been doing. So I text her back saying and left it open for her to text back, but she hasn't :( this was like nearly a week ago I didn't want yo text her out of the blue straight away asking her out thought that would come across as too pushy/ needy

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    • She was the last person to text, so I presume because she hasn't carried on, she has no interest in me.

    • That's a definite possibility... but you only know for sure if you ask. What's the worst, you get a no? Then you'll know...

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  • I would be excited to hear from him at first. But if it was a regular habit or after a long time I would just think it was "typical" and annoying. It always seems like you like someone and dont hear from them and the minute you decide, ok I'm moving on now, you get a message or a call and its back to square one. If you like her text her.

  • Just saying hey?
    I think you need a better reason to text after not having contacted for a few weeks.
    I'd think the guy is bored, is making small talk but will eventually disappear again. I would never think he was interested in me and probably wouldn't give it too much importance.

    Now that I think about it, my older brother does that. The only reason I don't just ignore him is because he's, yeah, my brother.

  • i would think that he's thinking of me


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