Insecure cush? How to reassure?

He has been hurt many times in the past. He has been lied to and cheated on. So he obviously has trust issues.

Well here's me: I'm distant and have a few other guys who are chasing me.

here's the situation: He doesn't trust me around these guys.(I have no interest in any of them) He becomes irritable when he finds out I'm with any of them. He feels like he will lose me to any one of those guys.

Our Situation: We both feel the same way for each other. I feel it less though. We aren't in a relationship yet (I'm slowing it down).

I really like this guy and I want to ease his fears and pains. However, I won't do it at the cost of my freedom. Is there any way to make both of us happy?


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  • Assure him about how you feel. He should be able to accept what your saying if it's sincere. If he cannot, then he has the problem. And it's not your responsibility to have to fix this problem.


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  • There's not a good outcome if he's going to be jealous and possessive. You're already pulling back since you're not that interested in him as he is in you. The best course is to let this one go.


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