How do I move on from him and his games?

I started working at my new job a couple of months ago and there is this guy, who from the start began flirting with me. At first it was harmless stuff. Then he started calling me baby girl or beautiful. Things that make a needy 19 year old melt. So we started texting. He told me he liked me and I told him I liked him. A few months later my best friend came to live with me, I introduced her to him. Then he and her starter talking while I was either at work behind my back. I just found out a week ago. He feel for her. So I moved on. Sorta. While he was having this fling with my BFF he was still texting me and telling me he wants me and bullshit like that. Telling me I'm the one, while he still sees my friend and his other ex, whom he was sleeping with while seeing my BFF. Typing this I sound like an idiot, I should have moved on a long time ago. Haha I guess my friend and him were friends with benefits. After she stopped having sex with him that's when all the sweet talking began again. He says the sweetest things. Eventually He sweet talked me into doing the one thing that I swore I wouldn't lose until marriage. I'm so pissed at myself for that. My question is this. How can I move on from him without quitting my job and not making it awkward when we work together and not loosing my BFF. I'd really appreciate any advice :)


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  • Oh bless you, you have been crossed by a charming and very clever player. Like you say, I bet as you were writing this and reading it back you know exactly what he was doing.
    I hate guys like this, they think of nobody but themselves and clearly have no life of their own, otherwise they'd be out doing hobbies and living life instead of just seeing where they can get laid next.
    The sweet talk is what they do, always be careful of too much flattery. Its easier said than done I know, but a guy that continually calls you beautiful and charms you too much is a red flag.

    Now to moving on. You and your best friend will just have to put this behind you. You need to talk to her and tell each other how you feel. I bet she doesn't feel great about it either. He played you both and now it is time that you both ignore the jerk.

    When you see him in work be civil, but that is it. And if he keeps badgering you, put your foot down and say, leave me alone. I deserve better than this sort of treatment.

    Not only will he respect you, but you will have the upper hand.

    You may not be religious but it says in the bible 'do not throw your pearls before swine' relevant to anyone really. It means don't throw your lovely self and respect and someone who will just trample on it. Like you said you have already given your virginity to him, don't give him anymore. He doesn't deserve it.

    Just think of it as a lesson learned. Find yourself a real man.


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  • yet another example of a woman falling for the jerk. can't say i feel sorry for you. you had all the warning signs and you still went along with him.

    • But she's only 19. I agree with you, but at that age girls are naive and don't know about this stuff yet. If she was in her thirties I'd certainly agree with you.

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