Online dating profile pictures?

Is it important to have a profile pic on dating like of you

me personally I don't wanna. Put my face on dating sites only sites. Like face book. I'm not afraid of exchange photos or meeting in real life what do u guys s think
sorry about miss spelling to lazy to fi

I like the answers so far but I feel that you can just take any random picture off the internet but they I see what u guys are saying


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  • I think it depends on the person's preference. My bf didn't have a profile picture when he first messaged me. Of course, at that time the first few seconds we didn't hop into a relationship. It was just casual conversation between two people who connected well with each other. We then moved our conversations over to Skype where we could video chat and I see what he looked like. I wasn't disappointed. He just isn't the picture taking type. Everything's been going well every since.


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  • well would you reply to someone that doesn't have a picture. Your appearance is the first impression online as well as in real life. No picture combined with one of those "hi how are you messages" is guaranteed to give you few replies.
    Most women get loads of messages so they filter out early and people with no picture go first.

    Put up a picture but choose it wisely. I've seen guys that had picture of themselves with two hooters waitresses. I don't know what kind of girl they're trying to attract, but in that case no picture may be better

  • I believe it's important no matter the gender.
    You meet a lot of people when you're on those website and the first thing you see is the picture and it's a part of the selection.
    A woman usually receive tons of messages, can't speck to every men, she will look at his profile but also at his picture, if there is no picture, almost no one will answer those messages. It's also reassuring to see that the person is the one she pretends to be.


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  • Would you ever reply to someone that does not have a picture? Most women won't even accept email or messages if you don't have a picture. I don't blame them. I just delete any messages with no pic. If they have to hide thier picture then what other things are they hiding. and there HAS to be physical attraction for there to be a relationship. She doesn't have to be a model, I am far from being one, but I have to be attracted to her no matter what her "inner beauty" is.

  • thats depends , are you white , at least 5 foot 9 and with six pack abs? if you are all 3 then post your pic on dating sites. if not then dont bother with dating sites

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