Would guys ever ask a hot girl (only act crazy for once) out again? what are the chances? In what circumstances?

In a case of u just take her out for twice and u think she's quite sweet (u know, baking him some muffins) and u guys do have a lot to talk about.

If this hot girl just made one mistake such as texting "F**k u" and something else bad out of nowhere while she's drunk, would guys ask her out again? what are the chances? In what circumstance?


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  • Of course...guys would never turn down a chance at a hot girl lol. Just apologize, let him know you were drunk, and you didn't realize what you were doing. Im sure he will understand and forgive you. You will be back talking in no time!!

    • the thing is he seems to understand the next day but he never ask me out again. I've told by others to wait or move on.

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    • She actually talked to him (more like texting cuz there is no way seeing this guy if he's not asking to meet.) And He seems to understand the situation. however, nothing after then. No texting, no asking her out, nothing. normally he would text her everyday

    • turns out you're right. no one would turn down a hot girl. He texted me a week later

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  • I will never approach or ask out a hot girl again. Not worth the rejection.

    • What if she felt sorry for what she did?

    • Hot girls aren't worth it. Let another guy risk it. I will never approach them.

  • No, I would initially assume she was nuts, and after finding out the truth I'd assume she did drunk stupid things all the time.

    • So there is no way fixing it?

  • Hot girls are usually stuck up and high maintence. Im not for it

  • give me a shot of whiskey or scotch and i will likely ask any hot girl out


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