Why you need a Gay Wingman when looking to Smash!

Warning!!! To clear this is not meant to be offensive to the gays but I generally find most gay stereotypes to generally be true....

If We Become Close Friends I Won’t Date You!

I’ve been with a lot of women in my six years of dating and not a single one of them had any close connection to me before meeting them....

What lies, bad habits, deceptions, rude behavior do you hate from men or women when you're just starting to date or trying to date you?

I'm a guy here are my top 5 1. Lying about their age. Really ladies? Stop this shit. It's sad and pathetic. What makes this especially...

How to have Success with Women if you're Shy and Insecure

Background: I write this as a formerly shy and insecure guy who had no skill or confidence around girls. If any of this sounds familiar...

Taller Women For the Win

Tall Women. The goddesses of Earth. This is a Mytake for all of the girls who wonder if men like tall women or are self conscious about...

5 Dating site profile texts to avoid for girls

So you just joined tinder and are thinking about texts to put in your description or you are on there and wondering why you're faced...

She has a boyfriend is she interested or just toying with me?

So I developed feelings for a girl that already has a boyfriend. So I met this girl through our workplace, she's an Asian international...

Why does my new boyfriend personally seek out to introduce me to everyone he knows?

We’ve been dating for a grand total of 22 days lol. I visited him at his college today and he kept calling over his friends/walking me...

What exactly is a “rebound”?

Is a rebound when you go out with someone who’s totally not you’re type or totall opposite so that u can forget about your ex?

Do you think he will come back?

To sum it up I’ve known the guy for 6 months. Things were going great, or so I thought. Just recently found out on social media he got...

Is she hidding her feelings or she is just not interested in me?

There is this girl I know for a year and we just have been friends, recently she kept flirting with me, she is saying I have nice hair,...

If a guy talks and flirts with you years after High school graduation, are you on their mind a lot?

This guy keeps texting me and I’m not sure why because we never end up meeting. It has been almost 4 years since I last saw him in...

Can someone help me understand her behavior?

A girl who basically told me that rn there’s no chance but in the future there is, so i got turned off but i still see her during break...

Who falls in love faster: Men or women?

I'm aware this all depends on the individual, but what do you think?

Is this guy acting like a stalker?

So I have been speaking to someone from an app. Maybe a month or so. Personally, I’m not interested in talking to him. He’s average...

Is squeaky, tiny, girly voice a turn off for you?

On a woman of course. My friends are constantly laughing at me because of it, it's an endless tease. I heard quite a lot of guys find...

Do dating apps work for you?

I cannot find a date to save my life.

Met a great girl, what to do?

Okay so I met this amazing girl on tinder, we are both in the army. And we hung out all weekend together and had a great time. Problem...

Would you date someone who has been divorced?

Pros and cons of dating a divorcee: Pros 1. Time – divorce is often the result of a relationship where people rushed in too quickly and...

Does it seem like I'm falling for this guy, or just a musician thing?

As a musician, sometimes I get confused about whether I'm attracted to someone romantically/sexually or if they simply inspire me and/or...

Guys, Would you date a girl who's hair was thinning and were supplemental hair to cover it up?

If she's attractive and you otherwise are interested in her.

What are you and why?

Pick one and if your single and got cheated on or dumped share your stories or if you need advice.