People should not be on Tinder if they're already in a committed relationship.

Seriously. Get off Tinder if you're currently seeing someone. As a man, it feels like a lot of women on there aren't even serious about...

How Do I Let This Girl Know I Am Not Physically Attracted to Her?

Hey, everybody, I don't post my personal dilemmas very often but I do need help with a really tough situation I've got going on lately....

It doesn't matter when you sleep with the guy, if he likes you enough he won't care.

So often I think about the different ways I've approached seeing a guy, I've slept with them on the first date, I've waited weeks, I've...

I Solemly Swear to Stop Chasing Basic Bitches

Ok, first I would never actually call a girl a bitch. Not even out of affection and neither should you. I only used that in my title as...

Girls In Your 20s: Now Is The Time To Make Things Happen

This article is bound to be seen by some women as women-bashing or “older-woman-hating” but it’s neither of those things. It’s my...

Nearly Two Months of Quarantine

The first month of this was a breeze for me. I’m an ambivert. Not completely extroverted or introverted. I need my quiet and alone time...

Would you date an ugly girl?

The only ones who call me beautiful are men online whom I later discovered to be perverts.

Why are people opinions harsher on trans dating than gay dating?

Whenever a person dates a trans. The opinions of others are harsher. Than gay people dating.

Why did she act this way during the date and end things afterwards?

I went out on two dates with this girl. She was a little more rowdy than what I usually date, but the first two dates went alright. A...

Do you respond to messages in dating apps?

I don't know if it's just me but, I noticed that 99% of the time after I match with someone on a dating app they just don't respond. I...

Girls, How Fat is Too Fat to Date?

Okay, so I am not skinny, I will come out and say that. But I have a nice personality, I am outgoing, I like to do fun things, go on...

Why does it seem like women have so much more choice in what partner they want when there are more females than males in the world?

Like I feel like women are able to sit atop a metaphorical throne and pick and choose what guy they want. On the contrary, I feel like...

How do I tell my mom I’m dating an older guy who’s divorced and has 2 kids?

I’m 26, almost 27. He’s 39. My mom is very conservative about everything.

What to do about finding the right girl?

So I'm a 20 year old virgin who's only had 1 girlfriend. I'm just too damn shy to approach a girl i see in public, (like crippling...

How hairy is your chest and how do you feel about it?

Guys how hairy us your chest/belly and how do you feel about it?

Do I have a chance with guys now that I’ve lost weight?

I am at my first goal weight now and my BMI is 22.8. I know I’m still not skinny but I’m not fat anymore either. Do you think guys would...

26... never had a girlfriend... is all hopeless?

I turn 26 in a few months and never had a girlfriend. I have only had sex once in my life. She was 16; I was 20. Both virgins. She never...

Would you date a Trump supporter?

🙄 The boy I'm dating is a Trump supporter. He just went all trump 2020 on me in the car today. I'm black and he's white and it kinda...

Are American men more desirable than American women?

It seems like women overseas, in South America, eastern Europe, asia, love American men. But the same cannot be said for American women.

Which group should I date next?

Am 33, with a 3 yr old son, separated soon to b divorce, still in good terms with soon to b ex-wife/mother of my child.

When was the last time you kissed someone?

Kissed someone passionately Romantically On the LIPS!! NOT on the cheek, forehead.. etc