How I Met My Sugar Daddy (Game For Women) Lesson one: The Do's and Dont's

As women we all want to live a successful lifestyle, we strive for financial stability, future ideal careers, businesses and etc....

Incompatible partners

I have shared here with many the experiences I have had with my partner of 10 years. It's kind of boring talking about what he did over...

A Message To Anyone That Has Experienced Rejection

To anyone that has felt rejection, please read this. I can offer you some incentive and possibly some hope :) Since fifth grade I was...

Dating people with BPD, the do's and don'ts #relatioships #bpd #mentalhealth

As a person with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), I noticed a lot of negative comments about BPD now fully disclosure before...

Putting dating and relationships on pause until I have more to offer.

I’m twenty three years old and I haven’t been a real relationship in about two years. I have just been focusing on myself. I feel I...

These dating and hookup sites actually work!

Hey everyone! Have any of you ever been curious about all those sites and apps that look like scams that say that you will find a one...

What percentage of time should the girl pay?

Male female relationship. Dating out of courtship phase.

This girl is confusing me... help?

So here's the story. When I was in the 7th grade, I met a girl through one of my friends. She was extremely cute looking. Due to my low...

Guys, is he bullshitting me?

Hey fellas! Quick question: As a guy, is being "emotionally damaged" a thing men use as to why they won't be in a relationship? Or is it...

Should I be worried if my boyfriend doesn’t text me right away in the morning? how much communication is normal?

We typically text later in the day and then have a phone call before bed. He is always making future plans with me and his family and...

Is it strange as a black woman, I'm attracted to white guys who haven't been exposed to black people?

I mean no black friends no black anything. I think it's cute know I'm the first.

Is he losing interest?

I been talking to this guy for almost 6 years we've been really good friends and I didn't want anything to ruin it, but he has been...

Why use Snapchat over text?

My question is pretty simple. Met someone on a dating site - we talked for a while and then exchanged numbers. Because he had my phone...

My Friend Invited Me To Take Me Out For Lunch. Is that A "Date"?

I hope it's not considered one. I call it just chilling with friends.

Would you date a girl with brain damage?

Let's say you meet a attractive women but you find out she's very forgetful, spaces out a lot, has strange habits, sleep walks, and...

Men in glasses - Are they hot or not (for women)?

I know women can get away with wearing glasses - more so than men can in my opinion.

Is getting to know someone for two months a good idea before actually asking them to go out on a date?

Like in those two months, go out for coffee, talking on whatsapp etc maybe lunch here and there Or should I wait longer or ask out sooner?

Fat guys, do you have trouble finding dates?

This is only for overweight men. If you’re not overweight please don’t answer, I’m just trying to compare. Anyway. How do women treat...

If a person tends to make an enemy almost everywhere they go (work, school etc), are they the issue?

If a person tends to butt heads with someone (s) almost everywhere they go, are they the issue or purely unlucky? Considering the person...