Lessons learned from my first love and a choice I haven’t made yet. An open letter.

I think what we had last year shouldn't be considered a relationship. It would actually make me a lottt more open to being in a...

Nice Guys & A-holes: The Truth About Each

To cut to the chase, women don’t want a nice guy, nor do they want an a-hole. Someone got this very wrong in the dating memos we’ve been...

How to Handle Rejection

Being rejected sucks. Let’s face it, before a relationship has even begun, you’re feeling the effects of a break-up when someone rejects...

No to online dating

To start this off, I'm not saying it doesn't ever work, but why I'm against it. I do find online friendships a positive, but a totally...

What I learned from attracting women over messaging or a first date

I have dated over 30 women slept with about half of them. None of that matters. Its not a qualification. It's just to get you to hate me...

The perfect date to me

Just some insight on what a girl likes. In order by the way 7:00 PM You pick me up and we go bowling to one of those sleazy, chill kind...

I got catfished. How do I meet real guys?

This guy is been talking to for the past week turned out to no be who he said he is. This guy was using fake pictures for all of their...

What do you look for in a partner?

I would say - Open mindness 🤯 - humor 😂 - Good communication 🗣 - loyalty 👫🏻 - sympathy 🫂

Men, would you date a woman who doesn't cuss? Is it a turn off?

Let's say you two were texting and you noticed she never texts cuss words. For the F word, she uses "freakin" instead. She also texts...

Should I go to a housewarming party with my bumble date?

So, this guy I met on bumble wants me join him to a housewarming party for one of his friends. At this point, this would our second...

My boyfriend of 2 years is going to Vegas for his 21st and I’m worried?

He’s been planning this out for years to go with his dad and grandfather to have a guys weekend in Vegas for his 21st and I have no...

Why does he do this instead of leaving me alone?

My ex claims he doesn’t want me but just sent me sent me pictures/videos of this girl he’s talking to and I’ve told him i don’t care....

Do guys really get complimented for having a pretty girlfriend?

And if it has happened to you how do you feel about it and what is your reply. Also ladies has this happened to you while you were out...

How would you feel if your SO commented on what you ate?

I ate a bag of chips and my boyfriend told me to watch out and that I might regret it in life

Do you treat women based on how they present themselves?

I feel like an asshole but if you present yourself in a manner that looks like just a "hit and quit it," I'm taking that deal easily.

This can't be just me?

I had a really bad thing with falling in love with any man the looks at me and that was never a problem when I was a kid because no one...

Which angle suits her best?

Secretary and friends with benefits

When do you bring someone home to the family?

I know there shouldn’t be a set timeline because all relationships are different. When do you bring your date over to the fam? After you...

Are Instagram model looking people who take a lot of social media selfies relationship material?

I have a date tonight with a hot woman. She is REAL. We are texting. She gave me her cell phone number. The problem? She appears to...

Would you also be offended by this “advice”?

So back in HS, I would tell people my frustrations with being able to get attention from guys. I was chubbier and have lost weight...

What do you think the reason it could be if my boyfriend wanted me to tag him in posts/pictures?

In the beginning of the relationship i was starting to post some things about us or pictures of us and my boyfriend wanted me to tag him...