Is it all about the Chase? How far will a man go for one night of passion?

I never chase a guy because, let’s face it, if he wants you, let him work for it. He pursued me. I gave in quickly. There was passion,...

Confessions of a Ladies Man: Nice Guys are Assholes, Bad Guys are Authentic

The Nice Guy He was a nice guy. He called himself a "feminist". He had a good job and had a good head on his shoulders. He was the type...

Confessions of a Ladies Man: If They Cook for You they are Falling in Love

This past Thanksgiving in 2020 we randomly chose to hang out. I am referring to me and my best friend of 12 years. I asked her out in...

What is like to have a learning disables and did have an experience with on Tinder.

hi, I am Cool Katie and here talk about experience with tinder that I have been using so far . the good & the bad will be on here . I...

Dating in this generation.

Throughout my year short year of dating I’ve learned that you can be categorized in different zones man or woman. Sometimes you can slip...

Honest dating advice through trial and error

Hey! After browsing through GAG for a long time (even when I wasn't a user), I figured I'd share some thoughts on dating. These are...

Did I go too far to recover?

I am smitten with this woman. Eight years ago, she was the one that got away and only recently, we re-connected online. She provided me...

Do you know the secret to getting and keeping a Man?

Feed us, Fuck us, and don’t bitch too much. Swear to God that’s 95% of the requirements to have a devoted Man

21 and I never had a girlfriend or been kissed and still a virgin never a date even. No girls like me I hate my life. Am ı too ugly or unattractive?

I can't get an girl to love me because I'm not good looking I'm ugly and I'm 21 and I never had a girlfriend or been kissed and still a...

What are reasons a guy says he doesn't want a relationship?

Is it another way of saying he doesn't like you enough or could there be another genuine reason?

Boyfriend said thanks lol after I said I love him?

So I’m confused. We have been together for 18 months. I told him I love him and he replied with thanks lol. When I asked him how does he...

Do you need that initial “click” with a person in order for a successful passionate relationship? Should it feel really easy like you’ve known them?

I’m wondering bc I met a guy and I don’t think there has been that “click” where we easily play off each other’s sentences back and...

Does it count the crush I had very long time (maybe shared feelings, maybe not, I don't know) as the first love?

Tbh I count it as bc the long time I was fell in love w him. But we never dated, so?

Why do guys date girls they don't even like?

I ask because I felt a guy I dated didn't even like me.

Does this show me as a bitch?

I broke up with my boyfriend like a week ago and I 've been asked out by guys like a lot. one of his friend asked me out too , I like...

If a woman’s love language is gifts, would you think she’s materialistic?

Lol I won’t go as far to say that you’ll think she’s a gold digger. Gifts is a pretty straightforward love language: You feel loved when...

Are only men loved when they provide money wise or are both men and women only loved when they provide in different ways?

I'm sure you guys have heard that quote from Chris Rock, "only women, children, and dogs are loved unconditionally,” whereas “a man is...

How many people have you slept with? is it a deal breaker for you if someone has a high number?

Met a guy a few weeks ago and we really hit it off, going on dates, calling for hours etc. Yesterday he disclosed to me that he has...

Shy guy who was flirting for months refused to look at me and ran away. Thoughts?

He started staring coyly at me. We've only had one short convo and he was clearly nervous. Sometimes if he sees me he looks downright...

In your lifetime, how many guys/girls have you been unable to get off your mind for a long period of time because you were so into him/her?

I'm basically asking, how many people have you had such a huge crush on/really liked/loved that you couldn't stop thinking about him/her?

Is my height a major factor as to why I am 26 and have no success with women?

I am a 26 year old male and 5 feet 6 inches in height. I am around average looking.