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6 mo

Should a Woman Settle for Whatever Man Shows Interest, Yes or No?

No one should settle for someone less than what they want regardless of gender. It is unfair to both sides. You're being unfair to yourself, and your partner because they also deserve someone who... Dating

7 mo

Do you believe girls mature faster?

Girls don't mature faster, they are simply held accountable for their actions more than boys. It's not like as soon as my period started I no longer had anymore childlike traits. I still wanted to... Girl's Behavior

7 mo

Why do so many people take rejection so badly?

I genuinely believe that the world will be a much better place if we raised the next generation with the teaching that being told no is okay, being rejected is okay, and that it is not the end of... Relationships

7 mo

Why is he poor in communication?

That is a huge problem that you should address. I recommend scheduling a day to talk to him and let him know that you will only give him a certain time period to make things better, and if he... Relationships

7 mo

Would you date a man or a woman who is rich but won't spend any of it on you until both of you are married?

Absolutely not. There are personal boundaries like sex, living together, making big changes in life/career that are fine to not do or limit before marriage, but the money aspect is particularly... Dating

7 mo

Ladies why would you date a criminal?

Depends highly on the crime. I wouldn't care less about something like a case of possessing some drugs when he was younger, as long as he is not taking those in the present (primarily because I... Dating

7 mo

Do guys like quiet and introverted girls? I always see guys always go for the outspoken and extroverted girl and never the quiet girl?

It's less about guys not liking introverted women and more about extroverted women just putting themselves out there more so it increases their chances of finding a partner. Introverts tend to get... Dating

7 mo

How many countries have you visited?

I'm from Bangladesh, currently living in Canada as I moved for college. Other than those two countries, I've been to, in no chronological order (also, once unless mentioned otherwise): 1. India (3... Travel

7 mo

Do men like seeing women in Traditional Dresses?

Ethnic dresses are just more interesting and beautiful, so obviously they will be more eye-catching when you're in the middle of everyone else dressed in simpler and plainer clothing. Even if you... Fashion & Beauty

7 mo

What is the number one thing that works for you when you flirt?

Humor has always worked! Even if a guy may not necessarily care for a girl to be funny in general, it still has the secondary advantage of lifting up everyone's mood and making the experience very... Flirting

7 mo

Do you find darker skin people attractive too?

I am a Brown woman with medium-dark complexion and I haven't had a whole lot of issues with guys. Are there men who are prejudiced? Of course. But there are still enough men who are indifferent to... Dating

7 mo

What do you consider a basic white girl?

As a brown girl who moved to a predominantly White city for college here are my observations: 1. Keeps up with pop culture 2. Regardless of how much makeup she wears, mascara or lash extensions is... Girl's Behavior

8 mo

Do you think it is a positive or a negative for a woman to be decisive?

I'm a very decisive person. I was once very indecisive but a lot of those thoughts would come from my self-doubts. I realized that often the extra time and energy wasted on the indecision is... Girl's Behavior

8 mo

Which is more important: what you say or how you say it?

How you say things can make a huge difference. It's definitely more important because we should be honest to ourselves and others. So if you're upset with someone you shouldn't have to worry about... Dating

8 mo

What spices and/or Flavoring should I add to canned black beans?

I'll be coming back for answers here because my broke college kid ass is trying to embrace canned food. Food & Beverage

8 mo

What are upsides and downsides of choosing to stay celibate while you are single?

Upside is that you are potentially saving yourself from a lot of hassle and heartbreak especially if physical intimacy makes you feel emotionally connected to someone. It is especially important... Relationships

8 mo

What are some of your dating rules?

I never wear clothes or show pictures that show off my body until I am ready to sleep with him, which is ALWAYS after we are both sure that we like each other as people and find each other... Dating

8 mo

Are there topics you can't/shouldn't joke about? Why or why not?

You should not be able to make jokes at the expense of other people. And I'm saying this as a generally funny person myself. Humor is subjective and not everyone's humor is my type and vice versa... Entertainment & Arts

8 mo

Why is it so hard to find high quality men?

First off, literally every women who has set her foot in the dating world has encountered shitty men. The problem isn't with attracting shitty men, they always exist, but rather how we deal with... Dating

8 mo

Have you ever met any so called 'covert narcissists'?

I have a suspicion that one of my exes was a covert narcissist. But I surely know that another ex of mine was DEFINITELY an overt narcissist. Good thing I stayed out of dating for a bit and took... Girl's Behavior

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