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7 mo

Why is he poor in communication?

That is a huge problem that you should address. I recommend scheduling a day to talk to him and let him know that you will only give him a certain time period to make things better, and if he... Relationships

7 mo

Would you date a man or a woman who is rich but won't spend any of it on you until both of you are married?

Absolutely not. There are personal boundaries like sex, living together, making big changes in life/career that are fine to not do or limit before marriage, but the money aspect is particularly... Dating

7 mo

Ladies why would you date a criminal?

Depends highly on the crime. I wouldn't care less about something like a case of possessing some drugs when he was younger, as long as he is not taking those in the present (primarily because I... Dating

8 mo

Do you think it is a positive or a negative for a woman to be decisive?

I'm a very decisive person. I was once very indecisive but a lot of those thoughts would come from my self-doubts. I realized that often the extra time and energy wasted on the indecision is... Girl's Behavior

8 mo

How can I make my boyfriend miss me?

As a clingy person I'd say that it is probably not a good idea to get into toxic and manipulative territory to make someone miss you. I'm just me, I work on being a better person everyday, and if... Dating

8 mo

Is it normal to almost be addicted to being a woman and being obsessed with fashion, shoes makeup and all things girly?

Sounds less about being a woman and more about you getting into a frenzy once you are finally getting the freedom to do everything you wanted. While it's "normal" for people to get into such... Fashion & Beauty

8 mo

Girls, what makes you more bitter: when men care about women's beauty or women's body count?

3 sounds the least unreasonable out of all these. I can understand wanting someone fit and healthy if you are also fit and healthy yourself, after all it is important that your lifestyle and... Dating

9 mo

Girls, What’s something you wish more men knew how to do better?

1. Communicate. Not saying spill everything out when you're not ready for it, but a lot of men need to work on their communication skills. 2. Boundaries. It's sad how many men still don't... Dating

9 mo

What do you think about pick me girls/boys? Did any of them succeed in stealing your partner?

Honestly, not even men like pick-me girls no matter how much men in the comments are defending them. And this is coming from someone who has been through a pick-me phase before and has worked a... Dating

9 mo

Is an "independent woman" equal to "an average man"?

Would you ask the same question to an "independent man"? Would you ask him what he is independent from? Or do you just want to act dumb when you ask these questions to women? Being independent... Society & Politics

10 mo

Do you prefer good men or bad boys?

Are those the only type of men in existence? I know stereotypical "bad boys", involved in substances use and gangs and stuff who are really good and kind people when you get to know them and... Guy's Behavior

10 mo

Don’t you think women need to lower their standards and be realistic?

So do women have to lower their standards or raise their standards? Y'all complain when you see women falling for the "bad boys" who are assholes and what not, y'all complain about so many men in... Dating

10 mo

Is it okay for the girl to say “I love you” first? And is it okay to say to your significant other for the first time over text?

When I started getting interested in a guy I was the one who initiated our hangouts. I confessed my feelings to him first, and I told him "I love you" first. Of course, I didn't do EVERYTHING... Relationships

10 mo

When someone breaks their promise, is it normal to lose trust in them?

I don't see people as entirely trustworthy or untrustworthy, usually the truth lies somewhere in the middle. If I have a friend who loves reading and borrows books from me and returns them in good... Relationships

1 y

How do I feel confident/sexy in my postpartum body?

You've only had your baby a month ago. Give it some time, let your body recover fully. If you feel bad about not having the body you had before pregnancy, don't. No one's body stays the same after... Family & Friends

1 y

Are guys shallow for being more visual?

I personally find the idea of men being visual creatures pretty much BS. Ask any man to tell apart lilac and lavender and you will know what I mean. Men simply care about appearance more than... Dating

1 y

Do you think school dress codes should be rewritten to allow girls more freedom?

I am okay with dress rules as long as they are fair to both genders. Places that want to have dress codes should mention rules that applies to everyone regardless of gender and body type. And the... Fashion & Beauty

1 y

How would you react if your date offered you drugs?

Nah I'm currently with a guy who is very alcoholic and even then haven't drunk once myself despite making tiny jokes here and there when I'm having a mentally difficult time like jokingly telling... Dating

1 y

Do you think most people's personal issues are really linked to their upbringing?

I strong believe so and it may not always be the way that we even think. It can be so subtle sometimes that we may not even understand it. Also, other than family, school can also have an impact... Other

1 y

When did you know your significant other really loved you?

My very honest answer is that you may never know. It is great if you do, but reality is that lots of people can genuinely love someone but not be the best at expressing it, and lots of people can... Relationships

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