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9 mo

Have you ever dated a widow or widower?

Never did but I'm open to it. I would also have it in my mind if this person feels guilty to date anyone else now and address it very early on. I personally don't mind. I've already learned that... Dating

1 y

How to deal with a Break Up

A few things that helped me a lot: 1. NO CONTACT. Even if you want to stay friends stay no contact for a few months then start talking again, but a no contact period is crucial to heal. 2. Seek... Break Up & Divorce

1 y

How honest should you be with a girl?

Be honest with people regardless of gender or your relationship with them... Flirting

1 y

The differences between professional standards of clothing between men and women are sexist to women.

Not only is it more expensive for women because we have all different clothes for different dress codes such as professional, business casual, cocktail etc whereas men can wear the same dress... Fashion & Beauty

1 y

If you don’t want to be “taken from”, just stay single

This. After being in several relationships where I've been taken advantage of I am no longer ashamed to have standards. I already know what I bring to the table and I don't let these lowlifes... Relationships

1 y

How to Ask a Woman Her Age

Where do y'all come up with this lol. If you ask politely most women will answer. Please touch some grass. It's 2022 and it shouldn't matter anymore how old a grown woman is if you're having a... Girl's Behavior

1 y

Five QUESTIONS you should ask on your FIRST DATE... but probably won't!

Nah most of these questions are a big no on a first date, but here is one funny question I WOULD ask: Would you let a strong muscular woman benchpress you? It will make the conversation... Dating

1 y

Five masculine things women do that turn men off

Isn't all of that just bad behavior regardless or gender? Or is it only okay for men but not for women to be assholes? What kinda double standard is that? And you wonder why people go around... Girl's Behavior

1 y

The Myth of High Value Males, Leagues and Alphas... Debunked

This! I don't understand why it's so hard to grasp the idea that one person's trash is another person's treasure, instead of worrying about being high value or low value, be yourself and find... Dating

+1 y

Girls, 10 Things All Women Should Try

Good list! I'd personally add casual dating to it as well. Or at least just have a phase of your life where you simply just talk to more people, including men. Just get to know them, men from all... Girl's Behavior

+1 y

Ever wonder why women almost never compliment men?

I genuinely compliment everyone and from personal experience, when I do it people think I have a crush on him or something which is not true. Girl's Behavior

+1 y

"Men aren't meant to be monogamous, it's not in their nature"...True statement or bull excuse?

Bull excuse. If you are a man or woman and you're poly just go ahead and find those who are ok with it instead of expecting monogamous people to cater to you. I don't know why people don't find it... Relationships

+1 y

Your Relationship Isn't Supposed To Be 50/50 . . . Really!

It's a 101-101. You both go above and beyond. Relationships

+1 y

Why is Diet Coke dangerous?

I don't drink any soft drinks at all for over 5 years and I don't miss it. Not even diet coke. Health & Fitness

+1 y

Top Ten First Date Tips From Someone Who COULD Be Your Grandfather

You said that I'm like your daughter, does it means I'm everyone's mom now? 👀 Dating

+1 y

What nobody tells you about studying a STEM subject at university

It's difficult but also fun that's why I'm in for the torture lol. Haven't officially declared my major yet but it's going to be biochemistry and microbiology. Many NASA astronauts are actually... Education & Career

+1 y

When “Crossdressing” Becomes Just “Dressing“ The new/old normal

It's more about the function than anything else. When women did not step out of the house as much and modesty and status were all valued, women's clothing were not functional to be on the run, and... Fashion & Beauty

+1 y

Why Tan Skin is Attractive

In some of those pictures they looked better pale, soooooooo Health & Fitness

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