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1 y

Would You Rather Date a Feminine Trans Woman or a Muscular Cisgender Woman?

None of them, but nice try trying to trick men into voting for these gay options here. Not into transwomen or women who look manly/trans. Dating

1 y

Would white people's only hope in stopping the "Karen & Ken" syndrome would be to except & embrace interracial mating?

Why do people think Karen can only be white? There are lots of upper class, suburban Karens out there who aren't white. Mindy Kaling and AOC are two of 'em. Jennifer Lopez is a Karen, even. Society & Politics

1 y

From my novel, Which novel character looks best? Who is your favourite?

They kinda all look the same to me. And you didn't tell us anything about the characters here. I can't rate how they look, cause they're clearly teenagers. Hobbies & Leisure

1 y

Are you proud of yourself for something but never have an excuse to talk about it?

Yes. Given my background and childhood, I should've statistically ended up a rapist, murderer, mass-shooter, or in prison for some other offense. And yet, I haven't done anything to anyone, even... Other

1 y

Men what would help you overcome the fear of being hurt by a girl again?

A lot of time and plenty examples of demonstrating trust. Just as an aside, the way you type/text physically hurts me. It's such an eyesore. Is "you" really that much harder to type? Relationships

1 y

How would you rate her attractiveness?

This seems like the type of question @pers0n / @proudwoman / @guy___ would ask on here to get us to admit they look like a man. Okay, I admit it! They look like a "celeb illuminati tranny!" I... Fashion & Beauty

1 y

Which style do you consider best looking?

Cottagecore. But that may just be because I think the girl is hot. Fashion & Beauty

1 y

Guys, are women ruining the dating scene and do they have unrealistic expectations in your city/country?

I can't vote A or B. Some, if not many, women are ruining the dating scene, yes. But not most or all. But definitely "some or many." Modern women tend to have unrealistic dating expectation... Dating

1 y

Ladies-Would you marry a guy who makes less? Guys-would you marry a woman who makes more?

As long as she wasn't the "strong independent type" and didn't hold that over me, sure, I'd be fine with it. Unless kids are involved, I honestly think childless couples should keep their money... Relationships

1 y

Who's watched FATE The Winx Saga?

What the hell? They literally gave Winx Club the Netflix treatment? The fairy show little girls used to like when I was a kid? Eww... What's next? A sh*tty, live-action woke version of WITCH or... Entertainment & Arts

1 y

Do you think you’re ugly? Why do you think that? Subjectively what makes someone ugly?

1. Yes, I am ugly. 2. Because mirrors and working eyesight. 3. Not fitting the designated beauty standards of the time and location, which I do not. Yes, beauty is subjective. But when all... Fashion & Beauty

1 y

What would you rate this British actress out of 10 based on looks?

No one in real life is a "10." In my opinion, this girl is a 6.5. Nothing special; she just looks like 20-something white women I see in real life frequently. Lily Collins is also short in... Entertainment & Arts

1 y

What do you have a fear of?

Shrinking . As in, losing height even half an inch. Seriously. Although if you want a more detailed explanation to that, it's physical weakness. Short/small people are weak. So in a roundabout... Other

1 y

Are Traditional Gender Roles Outdated?

No. And only a fool would think this modern day and age we're living in, is morally and culturally "superior" to the centuries or millennia of human progress we've made before now, that allowed... Society & Politics

1 y

What is your moral alignment?

I've always been True Neutral . At least, in my adult life. I used to be Lawful Good as a teenager, but then realized most human beings are Neutral Good at best. I'm a True Neutral but not for... Society & Politics

1 y

Why does it seem that men nowadays hate or dislike women?

Why do some men - more than before - dislike women nowadays? Because of: - Feminism (no, not just "modern feminism;" literally the entire movement despises men, aka "patriarchy") - Woke culture... Guy's Behavior

1 y

Did you find the person of your dreams?

Yeah. She died in November 2012, a little less than a year of being together. I wrote a MyTake about her. Dating

1 y

What type of people do you attract? Why do you think that is?

Queer people, especially queer women, which disgust me as dating options. And I don't know why cause I'm very much straight and have no interest in lesbians, trannies, or gay men. I mean, I don't... Relationships

1 y

Why do some people believe God is not real?

Because humans are so stupid, they couldn't possibly keep track of an all-knowing, all-seeing Creator of All and keep its story accurate for over a thousand years. The majority of humans are and... Religion & Spirituality

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