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+1 y

What are your thoughts on women defining what a "real man" is?

I think the real question is why you get heated over their OPINIONS Girl's Behavior

+1 y

She doesn't text me first but she replies fairly quickly when I do?

it could honestly be either this is how she is with guys she likes OR that she just isn't THAT interested so she's down to hit you back but not into you enough to initiate anything. I'd either go... Flirting

+1 y

Do you think women are meaner than men?

I would say so yeah at least to each other. I think in terms of male to female relationships men are meaner overall Guy's Behavior

+1 y

How often do guys realize they've screwed up and lost a good girl? How often do they go after her?

all the time, i mean my thoughts are a lot of guys dump a girl quickly without thought and then run back to her later on but the thing about that is they oobviously didn't value the girl for... Guy's Behavior

+1 y

Who is excited for Red Dead Redemption 2?

damn wish my girlfriend was this into videogames, especially ones like red dead (COD isn't a real game) i would be so happy... Technology & Internet

+1 y

Would you date a girl with no job?

yeah no guy cares if a girl is working Dating

+1 y

Is the body positivity movement hypocritical?

i think the movement is more about people no longer being negative or reactionary with regard to how their body makes others feel about them or how they feel about themselves. Society & Politics

+1 y

Should I give Tinder another try?

Since you're a girl, I'd say the opposite of typical advice applies to you. Actually take it somewhat seriously. Consider the possibility that there are great guys on Tinder that girls aren't... Dating

+1 y

Do guys like girls with makeup or no makeup?

depends on the girl, for instance rihanna is notoroius for being average without makeup and maybe one of the most beautiful women alive with her makeup but the girl at the top looks better... Girl's Behavior

+1 y

Do you think men are still gentlemen these days?

for the right woman they are if this has never happened to you you're ugly or fat or horrible person Guy's Behavior

+1 y

Do girls look desperate if they text first?

if the guys into you then you seem really sweet and genuine if he's not you're annoying also the girl in teh photo is relaly hot wait what was the question again? Girl's Behavior

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