Why I Don't Like Work

Why I Don't Like Work


This is more of a disclaimer. Before you judge me and say that I am not lazy for liking work, just know, that I don't mind doing the actual work. I went to college, got a degree and I work for a major corporation. While I don't mind working, I merely don't like the process of work, which I will explain below.


The Interview Process Is A Complete Joke:

Why I Don't Like Work

Applying for jobs today is a joke. A lot of employers honestly make it damn near impossible to get into their company because of their hiring processes. I remember years ago, getting a job was pretty straight forward. You submit your resume and cover letter, if they like you, they will bring you in for an interview and then they will decide to hire you from there. Seems pretty easy. These days, the interview process is much more complicated.

-A lot of employers make you submit and resume and cover letter.

-They then make you fill out an application online, which basically asks you the same questions that are on your resume and cover letter... so the application is pointless at times, and they sometimes ask you to include references, which can be a pain.

-If they feel like you qualify, they will make you take a cognitive and personality test. NOTE - the cognitive test is basically like a mini SAT test and it really has nothing to do with your job function. If you are a bad test taker and you don't do well on the test, they will reject you. What's also stupid is that a majority of applicants lie on the personality test.

-If you pass the cognitive test and personality test, then they will grant you an interview. These interviews are sometimes really drawn out. For example, sometimes they will have rounds. Like, you will do a phone interview first and if you pass that, you will do a face to face interview. Then, for the face to face interview, they have rounds where you will meet with various managers of the company. If they all come to an agreement and like you, then you have a job.


Overall, the entire interview process is just very exhaustive these days. Not only that, applying for a job these days is almost like a "talent show" or "popularity contest". Employers don't care if you are hard worker and can get a job done... they also care about if you are extremely extroverted. If you are an introvert, you will have a difficult time getting a job. Well talk more about this later.


Work-Life Balance? What's That?

Why I Don't Like Work

For many of us, work overshadows our life. A long time ago, work used to be 9-5; however, these days, I am starting to see work become 9-6, 9-7 and even later.

In a few jobs that I have worked in the past, and the job that I work now, it is not uncommon for people to work all day. For example, I have a few coworkers who get to work at 7 AM and then they leave at 5PM. However, they are still expected to reply to client concerns and company issues all the way till 10PM despite going home at 5PM. When I ask coworkers what they did on the weekend, they tell me that they were just at home working and getting things done for the company.

I feel that work takes a huge portion of our lives. Work-life balance doesn't really exist. You work all day, and then you only have a couple hours to yourself after work before you have to go to bed and get ready for the next work day. That's not balance at all.


I feel that life is extremely short, but everyone is too busy working to really enjoy life. Honestly, in quite a few jobs that I had in the past, I could finish an entire workday in 4 hours, but I was still expected to stay in the office for 8-9 hours. That's not really a life at all.


Pay? What About My Pay?!

Why I Don't Like Work

The pay that most jobs offer is a joke these days. Look at the world today.

-The cost of living is higher than it has ever been.

-Most Americans are drowning in some form of debt.

-The price of food is higher (I can go to the store and buy a couple of things and it costs me 50 dollars for a few groceries, which is absurd).

-Apartment rent is now basically the same as monthly house payments.

-Same with clothes. A shirt these days costs about 20 dollars and a single pair of jeans can cost up to $50 dollars.

Also, let's be real, $100 dollars doesn't get you much these days:


I work a relatively good job, however, I can't save much because all of my money goes to bills. I only get 1 week a month where I can actually use my paycheck to save or to buy stuff... otherwise, it all goes towards paying bills.


It's especially sad, because people go to college in hopes of making a better life for themselves, but when we get out of college, we are in debt and we don't make that much money. Back in the day, it was said that if you went to college, you would get a management position and wold make upwards $50,000. However, that's not the case for college graduates these days, unless you are an engineer, doctor, lawyer, etc. Most college graduates, starting out, are now getting paid $30,000+ and have to work their way up to make bigger bucks, but that's not always promised.

This is even sadder, because I know a stripper (female) who makes $30,000 in one week. I also know a guy who does modeling and he makes $20,000 a month for a few photo shoots. There are people who didn't invest in an education, but they make more money than those that did the time and the hard work, just to make a mediocre living.



Why I Don't Like Work

Work is like a popularity contest. There's a lot of favoritism that goes on in the workplace, and it's sickening. If you are the type of person who comes to work everyday, says hi to your peers and then go off into your office to work hard, say goodbye at the end of the day and then go home, you won't be very liked at your job.

The workplace is like high school all over again. The employers don't want someone who just works hard, they want someone who is also energetic, talkative and extroverted. If you just do what you need to do and then go home without talking much, your coworkers will treat you very different. This has happened to me on many occasions.

At my current job, for example, I have been dubbed one of the hardest workers that have ever seen. However, I'm not talkative at all at work. I say hi to people, go to my office and get things done early and then go home. While I am working, I hear people talking and gossiping about each other all day long. Even though I am the quiet guy, I know everyone's business, because I hear them gossiping about each other. I also noticed that because I don't talk and just work, my coworkers treat me differently and they act coldy to me at times. Let's also talk about favoritism as well.

At my job, I see this happen at the time. For example, we had quite a few people leave the company. Let's go into more detail about this:

1. When one person left the company, nobody said anything to this person and just talked about him quitting. He was the type of guy who came in, didn't talk much and did his work and did it well.

2. When another person left the company, someone got the guy cupcakes, cards, took him out to lunch and the CEO gave him a gift card for $50 and took him out to dinner.

Does that sound right to you?


Most jobs don't care if you are a great employee who works hard and gets things done. They want a person who is talkative, energetic, extroverted and can talk to everyone in the office and fits in at the company. At the end of the day, that is wrong, because people aren't getting an equal chance. I'm not saying that employers should hire a pissy, angry person... but it shouldn't matter if you're talkative or not. The only thing that should matter is the quality of your work. When I go to work, I don't go there to make friends; I go to work to work and make a difference. However, with the way companies are run these days, they prefer friendship, gossip and popularity over a true and dedicated worker.


Final Notes:

Why I Don't Like Work

Well, these are all the reasons why I don't like working:

1. The interview process is a joke

2. There's no real work-life balance

3. The pay isn't that great, especially when the cost of living keeps going up

4. Coworkers are like high school kids; they rather talk, gossip and play favorites than reward the hard workers.

Do you agree? Disagree? Please share your thoughts below and follow me if you like this Take!


Most Helpful Girl

  • This take is great. It's all damn true.!. and yes do they not realize people can easily lie on interviews about personality? It's all about faking it till you make it. when I did that it got me nowhere. Until my last job I was fed up with bull shit so I was 100% honest. I even told them I'm not like your typical loud outgoing team members, I am shy, I am quiet, but I care about respecting everyone and getting the job done. Somehow it worked!.
    I work in a place where it's all about favoritism, who knows who so you can have someone to back you up, if you are all out there talkative and what not. I am very private, and quiet. All I care about is working. They always had the need to tell me, you need to work on talking to people more. We need to see more of your personality. But you are one of our most hard working people!. One, two , three times. Until they realized how much I do everything for them. And they knew there is no way of changing me. I've gotten lucky though because showing all my coworkers and bosses how dedicated I am for taking the initiative for the bigger respsonsible jobs they like that and appreciate it. So they shut up about my quietness ! and know We can rely on this kid! *points at myself!* :)


Most Helpful Guy

  • 1. You probably work in a crappy job sector where workers are not valued. Hence, there is no importance to the screening process of whom they hire. I work in a much more rigorous sector. Candidate employees typically go through 4-5 interviews with the same employer, each lasting 3-4 hours EACH. People are evaluated on: knowledge, charisma/personability, maturity, confidence... etc. They introduce you to all of the company partners, shake hands with the big wigs... and even after 5 interviews... they only choose 2 out of 10 candidates.

    2. Work life balance is a myth perpetuated by either lazy people, or people who hate their jobs. Why? In every society, all people need to work. Even back in the caveman days, if you didn't do your part, you were kicked out of the tribe. That being said, there should be no distinguishment between "life" and "work". There is really only "life".

    In ancient days, "work" was essentially going hunting for food and feeding your family. A cycle that repeated itself every day of one's life. This is no different now, except there is a clear distinction between being in the office vs being at home. But they are one in the same thing. When you are in the office, you are working to gain resources to feed yourself and your family. When you are home taking care of the wife and kids, its an extension of the same thing.

    3. Not sure what job you're in. But for most careers, one can already determine what income bracket they will end up in life. If you wanted to become a mechanic or electrician, you've already decided upon a middle income life. There is no way those careers can bring you up to a high income bracket, since there's a limit on how much per hour people will pay for those services. Mechanic... electrician...$70-90/hr.

    If pay was of great importance, you should have chosen to become a criminal lawyer or a medical doctor. Hourly wages start at $200 for a new lawyer, and up to $500 after some experience.

    On the opposite spectrum, those who watch too much Food Network and want to become a chef have already decided to be in the low income bracket.

    4. Coworkers reflect the prestige of the job and yourself. If you're in a job where everyone acts like high school kids, you're probably like that too.


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What Girls Said 19

  • I absolutely agree, Interviews are a joke, its about who you know and not what you know. It's ridiculous that we have to go through all that bs just to get a interview only to possible not get the job. The cost of living is a scam just to get even more money out of our pockets, its ridiculous that owners of apartments are basically sucking ever dime out of people just so they can have a roof over their heads. The rent should not be 500 to 1000+, but these owners charge whatever they want cause government doesn't step in tell them that these prices are outrageously high. As if food, clothing, gas, etc. wasn't pricey, I went into target the other day and saw cute dress yet target has the nerve to ask 25 to 30 bucks for it. Your're a freaking retail store! Not one of those high end stores that's in the mall. Get real. On another note, Just cause employers raise their payments does not mean stores should raise their prices cause will still end up back where we started and that's not being able to afford shit to make a decent living. As for co workers, I talk to a few but not a lot of them, most of them are cool but you can tell who they like talking to talk vs. who they don't care to talk to. With me its just a simply hello or how are you, but their attitude changes and becomes more open and friendly when its someone they like talking to. Sometimes it does make me feel invisible but either way I just want to work, go home, and see my family and boyfriend.

    • Another thing, Even people who have their dream careers wish they could live somewhere peacefully without the stress of working. Trying to earn a good living in America is way to hard and demanding yet America has made it that way. America, our government, loves to pretend that we are a struggling country that just can't get things quite together but the truth is America is a freaking power house. We generate a shit ton of money but were does this money all go? Into the pockets of the rich or famous. The only reason they push the college, lottery, gambling, etc. is to suck even more money out of our pockets and that's money we don't have but we fall right into their schemes. College should not be the only way to make honest living, college should be a option and not mandatory unless people want to go. But America is punishing those who choose not to go or can't afford to go cause its not making them any money.

  • i agree. the work place is like highschool all over again. and the pay today is pathetic. and the prices of goods far from falling. its hard times. i eat lunch at 7 ocklock in the evening like you. thats more like dinner not lunch

  • I feel very lucky in that the people I work with, are all amazing misfits and we have a proper laugh together. The rest is pretty much true though. I work nights and weekends so I know the struggle of having very little personal time.

  • I don't like everything about my job.. I work in a pharmacy... but I love getting paid though. lets face it... when it comes to working for someone else, you won't completely like it. but we got to make a living somehow.

  • This was an extremely well written piece and I liked it a lot!! Thanks for sharing!! I am Not working right now, but I enjoyed reading this.

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What Guys Said 28

  • This is what the College Bubble and Crony Capitalism, combined with bought politicians, have brought on.

    There are millions of retards with college degrees who all expect a great job. Maybe if they'd paid more attention in economics, specifically the part about Supply & Demand...

    The name of the game is corporate profit. Fuck next year, those CEO's need new private jets NOW. You expect them to fly around in a private jet that's three years old? What kind of a barbarian are you?

    Not that the unions were perfect, but destroying the unions has made a lot of this shit possible. There's no longer any protection for the worker. If the CEO isn't getting big enough bonus, the company will lower wages and cut benefits for the people who actually produce. Don't like it? Tough. Quit. If the company decides they need to get rid of you because you hired in back when they used to pay a decent wage, or you don't meet the EOE quota, they make some shit up and *POOF*, you're gone. No protection.

    And if that wasn't bad enough, if you don't roll over and take everything that's dished out to you, for lower pay and less benefits, and LIKE it, and ask for more, they'll just replace you with some H1-B visa worker.

    Companies basically have the American worker over a barrel, and the politicos put the barrel there and pulled our pants down.

    As for the co-workers acting like children, they basically ARE children. Ever since the Boomers ratfucked everything and shat in everything they couldn't control, everything is fucked. The majority of adults have never actually BEEN an adult, just a child in a large body who's had jobs, driven a car, fucked, etc.

    And it's only going to get worse.

  • What, did you expect to graduate college, and suddenly be in senior management and not have to take any crap? Hahahahaha!

    Like almost everyone else, you're starting AT THE BOTTOM and have to EARN your way up through the ranks. Of COURSE it's hard work at the bottom, with crappy hours, and BS "busy work" and all of the rest. The thing is: if you're smart, and a good worker, and aren't a management problem (coming in late, calling out sick, causing problems for co-workers, etc.), then you'll move up, and the better you are, the faster you'll move up. Your pay will increase, and so will your status.

    Also, business happens in cycles. When the economy is booming, and there aren't enough workers, it's easy to get a great job and demand great pay and GET IT. When the economy is bad, companies are a lot more picky about who they hire, what they pay, and the hiring process is made much more difficult because they have 200 applicants for every open position, and they want the very best person out of that 200.

    There's a reason it's called WORK - it's not supposed to be fun, party time.

    Think you can do better? Then do it! Either apply for better jobs (in or outside of your current company), or take the big risk and start your own company. The latter would REALLY open your eyes, and once you've experienced things from the other side, you'll realize that most of this is just childish whining.

  • These are all symptoms of working for a large company, and can be avoided by working for smaller, independent businesses.

    Most of my work experience has been within the tourism industry, so I'll use that as an example.

    The application process with larger tour operators generally involves a lengthy application form, followed by group selection days, where applicants are expected to give presentations in front of a room full of people, take part in group role-playing and teamwork exercises, and answer a lot of real world "What would you do in this situation?" type questions.
    With smaller companies, you generally just have an informal chat, often over the phone or Skype, purely to gauge your personality.

    Pay is always much, much better with smaller companies. I've earned up to three times as much working for a small company as I would have done doing the same job for one of the big tour operators.

    Similarly, the big tour operators are looking for a very specific type of person - that super confident, outgoing and enthusiastic person you were talking about. That's why they have all those teamwork and public speaking exercises on the selection days. It's very easy to train someone to do most jobs (very few of us actually use what we were taught in school or university), but you can't train someone to have a particular personality - and that coupled with the fact they pay less, means larger tour operators are more likely to employ young and inexperienced staff (and they act like they're still in high school, because until very recently, they were).
    To be fair, tourism is a very personality-based industry, and for most roles, if you're not confident and outgoing, you're not doing your job well. Having said that, smaller businesses do tend to value skills, experience and maturity a little more highly.

  • 1) The interview process is thorough because they want to be sure they're hiring the best person for the job. You put up with it because you want to work somewhere that's a good place to work. Except to be a good place to work the business has to be successful in the marketplace vs the competitors and to do that they need to ensure they hire good people.

    2) The work-life balance is whatever you negotiate with your employer. Me and my brother both work in IT at the same business, I want more money so I work 5 days a week, he negotiated less pay but only works tue-fri. Some people time slice, some people work from home or travel a lot, some people work night shifts for more pay. That's entirely up to you to negotiate.

    3) You're paid relative to the value that you add to the business, I get paid quite well because I bring a lot of value, if you want more money then invest in your own skills.

    People are in debt because of bad decision making, debt is something you choose to get yourself into and has nothing to do with the business you work for.

    The cost of living is going up because the government is getting too large and screwing over the private sector by buying votes and giving away "free" stuff, and creating endless social polices to redistribute wealth. We also have had a vast increase in quality of living as part of that increased cost.

    4) People factor into the success of businesses, not only do employers want someone who can do the job but they also want someone who can get on with their existing staff, you spend 1/3 of your life at work typically so you better hire people you like to be around. You don't have to be extroverted, it depends largely on what type of job you do. We have plenty of introverts in IT who would prefer to be alone and have headphones in all day listening to music. As long as they can interact with the staff and be polite, it doesn't matter.

    Personality isn't preferred over ability at your job, but if 2 people come in to interview and one person will get on with staff better, then they'll be the obvious choice.

    End of the day if you don't like the work place and you think there's something wrong with it, start your own business, do it differently and see how that works out for you. Statistically not well.

  • I agree. I however have been lucky in the 2 jobs I've had.
    The first one: Landscaping.
    No interview, no phone call, came to work the first day with no knowledge.
    Free cooled water, juice, paid lunch break. He would pick me up and drop me off. Once I learned how to do it my pay was $13.00/Hour vs the Ontario minimum $11.40 and the student minimum ~$10.25.
    -- He knows I work fast and with quality.
    Second job: Glass.
    No interview, a phone call. He picks me up and drops me off. I am a starter (no real knowledge related to construction). I get payed $16.00-$20.00/Hour as a beginner. He will provide drinks and food (he goes to buy a burger, fries, a sub, kebab). I can take as many breaks as I want and for as long as I want.
    -- He trusts me not to steal from him or his customers (a big problem with his adult employees).

    Both these guys like me as a worker, they trust that I'll try my best and that I won't steal from them. And I haven't, I could have stolen hundreds of dollars from each.

    Now at the same time I applied to a dozen jobs that were near my house. All of them payed $11.40/Hour. I had general work experience, fluent in 3 languages, flexible hours, and references. I applied to Pizza Pizza, Starbucks, etc. I was actually invited for an interview in Starbucks. But in general I was told to fuck off.
    Actually quite a big factor was my age (at the time: 16). Some said they don't trust teenagers to work. Others just didn't care and said to fuck off because I didn't have 4 years of making Pizza.

    Point is, Fuck the big businesses. They offer shit jobs.
    If you want a job in which your employer will actually give at least a few shits about you, go find a local businessman.

    (I had a job opportunity from another guy to do some work for him, however I need a car, I don't have one. He was also ready to pay over minimum wage despite my age)

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