How to Learn Better with Mind Mapping


Mind mapping is well known. However, do you know what you can do with it? Alone while learning you can with a mind map much easier. Here are some suggestions for you.

Many have heard of mind mapping. Most of them have probably already read about it or experimented with it. But it often stops there. Only a few are concerned with what you can do with Mind Mapping.

That's why I have some ideas for you here, such as how you can learn with Mind Mapping.

Are the principle, the main and secondary branches of a Mind Map, for you Bohemian villages? Then get in the mood with this little Mind Map:

How to Learn Better with Mind Mapping

1. With Mind Maps, you can better organize and visualize your learning material

I remember sitting in between preparing insanity and later for the final exam at the university between insanity amounts of learning material. Alone history with its long columns of data and events could kill you. If I had not brought timely system into this chaos of transcripts and documents, I might not have made it through the exam. At least I would not have done well.

The documents themselves can be stored in a logical order in folders or similar. Staples. But to find out what is now a logical sequence, in which structure is behind the whole, offers a mind map.

For example, get an overview of which substance belongs to what, or what needs to be learned in which order, and then arrange everything appropriately.

2. A mind map helps you understand the context better

Logically, if you arrange learning material or documents, you are already cheerfully looking for connections. But even otherwise you always have to decide on a mind map for a specific structure. What do you write on the fat main branches? What on the thin side branches? So what is a higher point? What is a detail? Mind mapping helps you to bring order to your thoughts and to recognize relationships.

3. With Mind Mapping you can better plan and organize texts

Thus, Mind Mapping is also well suited for planning and structuring texts, for example for a term paper or a presentation. Organize and restructure your material with the map. Write parent or aggregate views on the main branches of the Mind Map. Then work your way down with the subsidiary branches. It was really helpful when I start work at essay writing service and I have to plan everything. Example: In a housework on London you want to bring a chapter about the royal family (one main branch) and one about famous criminals (another main branch).

For example, the royal family includes Prince Charles, Princess Diana, the Queen, the Queen Mum, and others you could write about. (Any neighbors.) For the criminals, maybe Jack the Ripper, or Sherlock Holmes and Scotland Yard. (As opponents of the criminals.) And so on, and so on.

4. With Mind Mapping you can use knowledge cards, checklists, excerpts pp. create

Or use Mind Mapping to create knowledge maps or similar. Our brains anyway think in networks and always try to combine new information with as many existing ones as possible. With a network-like structure like a Mind Map it is easier for him to classify information, close gaps and remember everything.

For example, draw a mind map about dogs. And look what you all come to origin, race, appearance, applications (from the guide dog to the drug snoop) and other key points.

With such thematic overview maps, you can capture knowledge at a glance and later continue to work on it or even memorize it. Or create checklists.

5. Mind maps are great for quick transcriptions

Not only the notorious and often tedious lectures at the university are fast becoming pure battles. Also, at school, in meetings, at lectures is written diligently. Now that makes sense on the one hand, because if I do not hold the information somewhere, they are usually gone the next day. On the other hand, there are many who literally take the word “correspondence” and try to capture the word heard. That this is not feasible (unless you are very good in shorthand), is obvious. But it does not really make sense in my opinion. Note the information in bullet points. This is not only faster. Now you too are asked to link and reproduce these keywords. Only then does it show if you really understood the matter.

Of course, you can just note these bullet points in a notebook or something. But here too, Mind Mapping has its advantages. Because with a Mind Map you can also reflect the structure and inner logic of the content. So what belongs to where, what is related, and the like.

6. A mind map helps you to remember new knowledge better

Of course, you can remember new knowledge with a mind map better. And not only because you can memorize, write and process everything you write yourself. It is the fundamental principle of Mind Mapping that helps you remember and memorize. Because knowledge that you place in a larger environment that you can structure or bring together with other information net-like, you can also remember more easily. In addition, knowing that you have graphically in mind that you save not only as words but also as an image in memory, you can remember easier. In other words, time for one or the other small Mind Map

How to Learn Better with Mind Mapping
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