Local Tech help company ideas?

I'm thinking about doing like a part time freelance thing and I wanted to know what people thought of the things I wanted to provide if they would be valuable or not and what you would pay for it.

1. Tech training: These would be short hour or half-hour long class' covering in some cases the basics of different technology, in some cases mid-level productivity tips, and in other cases entire enviroments (Office365, Ubuntu, home network). I also think I would want to do youtube videos of these.

2. Personal on-the-go tech support: so it would be like tech support at work except for you personally were you could call for basic problems, repairs, maintenance, tips, and remote support.

3. Consulting and contracting: consulting and contracted work for media center, home network, and office solutions.

4. I also think I would like to provide standard repair and PC building but that isn't a novel idea.
I'm looking to do this as more of a part time job and maybe it turns into a full time job if I decide to employ myself.
Great ideas I would want all or a subset of these services
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Tech support is for my parents I learn everything I need to know on my own
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Local Tech help company ideas?
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