If the earth is flat, why can't we see beyond the horizon?

I've been watching a lot of flat earth videos. This kind of stupidy interests me more than it should XD

But im curious.

Often flat earthers use the horizon as proof the earth is flat, because its "always at eye level" and doesn't show any curvature no matter how high up you are. (they simply claim the use of fisheye lens when photos prove this to be untrue)

But if the earth really was flat, there wouldn't BE a horizon. As things get farther away they get harder to see, however they do not dissapear from view, they simply get blurry/discoloured/less distinguished. What makes things dissapear in the distance is when they dip below the horizon which is only possible because the earth is round.

The horizon wouldn't be the sharp line that marks where the earth is visibly curving, it would be made up of everything in the distance forming a mass of blurred, indistinguishable shapes.

Please, flat earthers, explain why this is so.
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Im incredibly aware the earth is round. I just want to hear if flat earthers can prove to have some semblance of logic. I've never heard one address this topic.
If the earth is flat, why can't we see beyond the horizon?
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