How to cope with working 12 hours shift 3 days a week and one day part time in a stressful demanding environment?

So its required attention to details for 12 hours straight. people hovering over your shoulders. and any mistake you make they send an email to everybody. how can i prove that im a not a failure and work well. i didn't have better options for work the other option is afternoon shift four days a week in an environment that i didn't practice much in so i knew that i won't function there.


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  • There's two methods:
    1. Work your ass off and relax hard on your days off.
    2. Become close with those people hovering over your shoulders. You can warp their definition of mistake, or where they hover. Even better, you might be able to move upwards in the company with their good words about you.


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  • Go get hypnotized, stop going to work, start dating a hot waitress, steal millions from your work, smash a copy machine then ultimately burn the "office space" 😆
    Seriously tho, it's hard to give advice not knowing what your education, field and experience is. But if you hate your job and can't stay in the field,... quit and do something else, go to a career fair, hit Google, move far away and get a fresh start


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