Hi Asian Girls, do you still have difficulty watching movies (english language) without subtitle?

Ok, supoosed that u can have moderate/good English skills in listening, writing, reading, and speaking.

From those 4 skills, the most difficult one is listening what the actors say in the English languagr movies. Thats my weakness.

I speak good English, have good comprehension in English conversation, i even date American guys. But the point is, it's still difficult for me to understand without subtitle.
Honestly, for that part, i am embarrassed.

How can i solve this matter and improve my skills?

Guys, any ideas?
Thanks you guys, very helpful. ❤️


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  • Watch Disney animated movies without subtitles. They have less complicated stories usually so your mind isn't busy trying to understand the story and can instead focus more on listening to the words.


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  • English is my third language and I'm pretty fluent at it but honestly, I have trouble understanding movies in English without the subtitles when they speak rapidly or in accents other than American.


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  • Only way is to listen to TV and watch more movies.
    They have a specific way to speak on screen you just have to get used to it.

  • Just keep watching movies, I have the same problem but the other way around


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