Any TEFL/TESOL teachers here?

Can you share your experience taking the course and teaching? Which country did you taught at? What kind of lessons did you give? How proficient in English do you have to be? I'm thinking of taking the TEFL course and teaching somewhere in Asia. Is it a good experience?


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  • I taught in Thailand. You asked how proficient in English do you have to be.
    VERY! If you want to teach in a public school, then you'll need to have a teaching degree, and preferably a Master's.
    I taught in a private language school, and I only needed the TEFL.

    But they don't want fluent speakers, they want native speakers. You're 20 years old, so you've been learning your native language for 20 years.

    • I see. I live in Singapore though, which means I speak English and my mother tongue. Does the TEFL course test your proficiency? Also, do you mind sharing your experience teaching as a TEFL teacher?

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    • Alright I'll do some research on it first. Thank you so much for helping me! You're a big help!

    • One more thing to tell you. I was in Thailand for 1.5 years, and I was there on a student Visa. I was only a student for 6 weeks. How is this possible?
      A representative for the school I worked for, arranged for me to bribe a lady at the embassy. We drove to the embassy, and we marched to the head of the line. I handed the lady my passport, and the brown envelope with the money in it. She discretely put the envelope in her desk drawer. She then told me to come back the next day. I went back the next day, and she handed me my passport, with my fancy student Visa in it.
      That's how things work in Thailand. Everyone there, knows this. :)
      Good luck.

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  • I'm scheduled to teach in Thailand in October even without a TEFL, but I'm lacking the money for the plane ticket right now lol. For setting mine up, I just got into contact with an agency and had a Skype interview. They also preferably want you to send a 2 minute introduction video. The main prerequisite is that English is your native language. The interview and the introduction video are just to confirm whether it sounds like it's your "native language" or not and whether you seem like a sketchy person or not. You have to sound educated (not out of the hood or something) lol. After all that goes well you pay a placement fee (mine was $200) just so they know you're serious about it. It would suck if you said you're coming and they had you scheduled to be at the school, then no one shows. It wastes a lot of peoples time and it's a big inconvenience to them.

    • I see. I'm planning on taking a course that has internship included as well so it'll be more convenient for me as it'll be my first time.

  • I hope someone helps you out.
    Good luck. 👍


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