Can't study anymore, what should I do?

Hi everyone, I still have 3 exams left before I graduate and for some reason I can't seem to focus anymore. I used to be a top student but this year I haven't done really good in school for many reasons: a break up, some health issues, depression and so on. My next exam is on the 27th of September and I can't focus. I keep procrastinating, telling myself I have time but I don't actually. I feel guilty because I should've graduated already.. The sooner I pass all my exams the sooner I will finally move out of this place. What should I do?


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  • Set a goal for yourself. You have no idea the amount of relief you'll feel once you have your diploma in hand. Use that as a carrot on the stick to get you focused. Make sure you have time every day for your studies and stick to it. Good luck.

  • Take a break. Do something else for a while. Clear your mind and then go back to it


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