What would you think if this happened to you? How would you feel?

Now I am in college. I had a (lesbian) teacher who would show up to my lunch period in high school (at my school there were three) and stand near me and smile at me. She was my history teacher in ninth grade and was inappropriate with me (like looking at me and lick her lips sensually and trying to make sexual innuendos in class). I switched her class. For the following three years of high school she would show up to my lunch and stand near me. Smile at me. Until one day I had to take matters into my own hands, and make her leave me the fuck alone by telling her the shit on my mind and she never came again. What would YOU THINK if this happens to you?


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  • I never thought of this. But still freaks do exist. I think I would rather back off and ignore/avoid communication with the teacher. I would let my friends and classmates note her behaviour and help me support when I report the same to the authorities when the limits gets crossed ewww


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