Co worker, how to get along?

I have been at my current job (chef) for 2 years. I started as a line cook and 6 months in, I got promoted to asst kitchen manager.
Everything is well until the last 2 month when my kitchen manager hired an old female friend. I felt nothing to this since I was the only girl on the line, but now it appears that my boss favors her... she get weekend off and get to leave home early unlike any of us. Today it took 3 people to do 1 job, when I get to do it. No one helps me. I dont know what to think, my boss think am jealous of her.
Personally I dont think am jealous, I just dont like how she gets away with things that won't fly with other workers.
I have never dealt with someone that get away with things because of how they look...


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  • He is playing favorite with her and just maybe he is screwing her

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      That's what I was thinking too.
      She's cute and skinny but married... but I in the other hand am round and 30... with 2 kids.

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      Let's talk more private about this

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