How do I get rid of guilty, sad feeling after resigning and taking back resignation 3 days later?

Hi, I resigned from my company a week back as I got opportunity from company in Munich, Germany without doing much research about Munich and Company where I am applying. But two days later I talked to many friends in Germany and came to know that Germany has 42% tax. And considering my income, Munich is very expensive and more than half of my salary would go in home. Food and all are very costly too. And I wouldn't have much money left compared to what I would have saved in India. And the company has lots of bad reviews regarding late unpaid hours, no increment. I after 3 days took back my resignation. But I don't know why I started feeling very sad and guilty about it overall if I broke trust and all. I should have thought before resigning and all. I can't resign in next 1 year as it looks morally wrong, my plans failed for job search. This overall scene in this overall made me sad and depressed. Any idea how to get rid of it? Thanks


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  • do your job the best you can

    • 4d

      I am doing it best way already. But I had chance to go for another better paying companies which I guess I lost. I don't think it's moral to re resign within next 1 year.

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