Why are people so rude to retail workers?

I work in retail and the other day I had a customer come in to ask when his appliance he ordered was going to come in. I’m trained to find a salesperson to help customers as I am not required to know anything about the products (I’m a cashier) and the salesmen get paid for every sale so I politely told him I’ll call a salesperson to help him. Then he said quietly “you’re just going to stand there and judge me? You know what bitch, I bite back!” And I didn’t even say anything to him.

He got the help he needed but he was also rude to my coworkers. I’ve worked in retail long enough to be patient with other retail workers when I’m the customer.

I don’t get why people have to treat us like crap. Lack of understanding I guess?
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Not just retail workers but anyone in any job.
Why are people so rude to retail workers?
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