What are some suggestions for a wedding planning company name?

Looking for some name suggestions for a wedding planning company that also offers products - mainly greeting cards for special occasions and invitational , sentiments, etc.
Ideally, it would be nice to include the name 'Athena' in the name of company. Or a word that is relevant to Athena..(i. e Wisdom, War, Pallas, Owl, Olive Branch, etc.) But not necessary. I don't want it to sound completely Greek tho as it will be based on Vancouver Island and clients would be mainly from Van. island, Gulf Islands or Vancouver and the lower mainland. Something to describe the beauty of the west coast would be nice too as the ceremonies and events would all be taking place here and there are so many breathtaking venues and sights.
Nothing cheesy like 'eternal love's or 'hugs and kisses' or 'devine brides' but nothing super corporate like 'athenas events and occasions' or 'wedding industries BC' either. Something that is reminiscent of a graceful and enchanting scene that has a bit of a royal touch and that perhaps brings ups an image of a a beautiful winter wedding in the forest surrounded by dark and bold colors but is warm and inviting with tiny tea lights hung through the trees and has a feel like you steeped into a beautiful fairy tale... Lol I know.. descriptive.. any ideas would be helpful! I would like it simple, not corny or too cheesy, involves the buiansss being about love and weddings somehow, and not too long (like athenas weddings and events of Vancouver Island ) something different that sets it apart but makes sense and that would draw you in of you saw it on a yelp list.
What are some suggestions for a wedding planning company name?
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