Are talented people born or made?

Story: A video went viral on Facebook. It's a middle school/high school girl on a 1990's TV show, she was the winner of a debate competition and presenting a speech for winning. She was speaking so smartly and beautifully people became curious who she is and what she's doing now.

Turns out, she's really an exceptionally bright woman. Undergrad in physics from Caltech with CGPA 4.00, Master's on Astrophysics and PhD on black hole spin from Harvard, and so much more. She's teaching at MIT now.

Then people were curious about her family. Turns out, her whole family is like this. Her sister studied in MIT and got her PhD from Princeton. Her mother got the highest score in the whole country during her matriculation exam, and she was the first woman in the country to get the top score during her Master's in Dhaka University. Then she went to Cambridge to get her PhD on particle physics. Her father also has similar records and he met her when he went to Cambridge university after getting scholarship as well. They got married a year after they met.

And her grandfather and uncles also had amazing professions. Quite a few of them were BBC journalists.

So uh, are talented kids born or made? Is it nature or nurture? Is it genes or upbringing?

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Are talented people born or made?
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