How hard is it to manage 2 jobs?

I currently have a job at Taco Bell which is willing to work around my school schedule. This would be my primary job.

My school emailed me about a job position I applied to at the library and this is a job I would love to have but it pays less so it would be a secondary job.

I get my Taco Bell job schedule Tuesday of every week. I work anytime from 11am-7pm. I was thinking on my off days, I could work at the school library (same times).

How hard would this be to manage? I know people do it but I am very concerned so advice would be appreciated.
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8 d
My class shedule is 8am-11am plus I have 2 online classes I would need to deal with (school often can be worked on with a library job).

I have my own car so transportation is not a problem and the library/school is about 6 minutes from Taco Bell.

I am majoring in Childhood Education
How hard is it to manage 2 jobs?
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