Does it get better after high school?

I was abused as a child. Moved across the country in middle school. Both my mother and grandmother got cancer my sophomore and junior year of high school. Grandma died but my mom’s good now— still as addicted to Diet Coke and alcohol as ever. I had a miserable crush on a teacher who stares at my boobs during lectures. I had a bad minimum wage paying job over two summers with some awful coworkers the second year— got hit on by children or old guys. my friend almost got raped by a guy everyone in my town worships and no one believed us. Got harassed by a lesbian my sophomore year. My brother’s girlfriend cheated on him in front of me on a class trip, and turned about forty kids against me bc I told my brother about it. I Am extremely depressed and have terrible anxiety. Both general and social anxiety. I barely eat or sleep or exercise. I have a caffeine addiction, my hair falls out in clumps, I have stress ulcers in my mouth, I’m freaking out about college. My school doesn’t have any windows, and cockroaches and rats are a regular occurrence in our halls. My friends all feel fake. I’m failing a class bc the teacher doesn’t speak any fucking English. I can’t breathe, I can’t think, I don’t know what to do. I look fucking fantastic on my resume.

But its senior season right? live it up cause I’ll miss it when it’s gone? that’s what everyone says. High school is the ultimate peek of life.

Someone tell me it gets better. Please. It has to get better.
Does it get better after high school?
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