What do you think about college? Is it a scam?

I am currently a college student and am a Computer Engineering Major. As the end of the semester approaches and the mental blowouts and stress increases I sat down and thought to myself... Is college a scam? I ask this as a serious question. A lot of majors one does not need in order to success however because of the demanding job market they are required to have a degree regardless of experience. We sit in class and listen to some person talk all day, study for meaningless exams (most of the time) and are more focused on how to study and what to study than we are authentically learning. As I sit in class I observe my fellow students and can tell we are all mentally burnt out. I thought to myself "why can we not have more learning and less exams?". In my college we are indoctrinated as to how to think (literally a professor failed a student on purpose and caused the student to drop due to political differences). I am a proud patriot of the United States but due to my family background I was raised under the British System and could have even taken the GCSE. I found it confusing when I was little because I would mix certain spellings and phrases up but I found American schooling to be much easier but much harder when it comes to exams and the method of standardized testing. A lot of majors do in fact required a degree (I know STEM does) but even then has been debated as to if people really need a degree and if it is just all about the money. I do think that we are lucky enough to even offer college. I think certain careers (medicine, health, and some STEM) should in fact be required (especially medicine). Do you think college is a scam? Any recommendations as to how to improve the standards? How can it help motivates students? Pros and Cons of going to college? How did your degree help shape you? How did your degree help you in the job market and the future? I would love to hear everybody's thoughts. Thanks
What do you think about college? Is it a scam?
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