Is JROTC worth it?

I'm currently in my freshman year of high school and my school loves it's JROTC program. For those who don't know or didn't have an JROTC program, it's essentially a military supported training program for students to learn important lessons and becoming better citizens, in cases they even offer educational benefits.
My bus driver is a close friend of my family and is the JROTC Commander. I have friends in the program and I know the commander well. Recently he has been trying to convince me to try out for JROTC, but I am scared because I'm not exactly built for stressful things and things like being shouted at make my anxiety hype up to a really bad level.
My parents have tried talking to me about it before as they both are both ex-military and my dad was in JROTC, but I'm still just not sure if I should do it due to how sensitive I am. Thoughts? Advice? Information? All are appreciated!
Is JROTC worth it?
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