My friend at work is applying for same job after swore she wouldn’t. Should I be angry?

I've been at my job almost 2 years longer than friend. been trying to move up within the company-job opens up. Area I work in is very office-politics. management love her bc she never says no/ happy. She is getting degree in a related field- this is her 1st real job. I have a masters degree in unrelated field/older than her. other night, she texts me asking how to go about talking to supervisor for permission. I was so upset/went off. Said I applied but w/her personality/getting her degree in related field she will get it 100%. she's stealing it from me. she swore “I won’t say anything”, would wait like others, not to worry, trust her, not to be mad, she wasn’t saying anything or apply.4 days pass, she is really distant/denies anything wrong. Yesterday, after swearing to trust her, she I. m.’s me at work, & says “I’m ready to tell you what’s been going on. it’s nothing you did wrong, never wanted to upset me, values my friendship, what happened the other day was a lot, hopes we can still be friends” BUT—she did go & discuss the position with her supervisor & applied! She told me 1 hour after she did it! She said since related to her field didn’t want to pass It up & was “put in a bad place the other day” when this first transpired&she had no other choice but to agree/tell me to trust her knowing how much this meant to me. she lied going behind my back & denying anything wrong, completely backstabbed me. She said sorry hope we can still be friends. She was torn because she knew how much I wanted it and yet was interested in-doesn’t see it as backstabbing since she told me after- says her only option was to say those things so I wouldn’t get upset& I shouldn’t have put her in that position to begin with since she was ’coming to me to the first time to let me know about that job and for advice since thought it would be something Id be interested in.’ Mad/ embarrassed since she’s younger than me/been there less years than me gets the job. how would you feel? What do I do?
My friend at work is applying for same job after swore she wouldn’t. Should I be angry?
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