Are you motivated by money?

So, just last week I worked 64 hours and made $5032,02 bucks. Now if this was pipeline it would have been around $75**.** ish for one week.

When you pick a skill or a profession do you consider whether or not you can make a livable wage doing what you enjoy doing? I mean the more money you make your wife and kids can enjoy life so much more. Have the cottage on the lake for the summer, boat etc... I hold people accountable for the choices they make in life and have seen some couples have kids before they even had their drivers licences. I question where their priorities were but who am I to judge when they live paycheck to paycheck. My wife and I did not consider kids till we had the house and we had our well paying careers. She's far more educated than me, hell I didn't even go to College or University to make 6 figures.

Is money motivator for you to do better in life or do you just roll over and accept what life has given you? Do you ever feel when you do your job if it's the pinnacle of your career? Like that's it I'm the top of the food chain I can't get up the ladder anymore...
Are you motivated by money?
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