How do I find myself?

I recently realized how important it is for me to find what it is I love to do and what I am good at. Before I had never thought about it. I go to school every single day, but can't seem to get interested in anything my teachers teach us. School has just gotten hard and boring because of that. I play handball 6 times a week but I wouldn't say I'm much better than average. The only thing I can truly be honest and say to myself is that I'm good at is a particular game. Around top 30k in the world. I constantly have pressure from my parents about school since they want me to always have high grades (always over C), but they don't do it in a supportive way, more in an expecting way. I want to know what my purpose in life is and, if possible, improve my self confidence. How do I do that?
How do I find myself?
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